Zeus’s owner had tried everything for his skin condition, raw diet, steroids ..

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steroids raw diets

Zeus’s owner had tried everything for his skin condition, raw diet, steroids ..

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steroids raw diets

steroids raw diets

“We got Zeus from a pound a few years ago and he’s had several issues we’ve managed to fixed through our vet. However, this skin condition which they ALWAYS prescribed steroids for (which did clear it up while he was on it, but later returned) had never cleared like this before.

They said it was a flea allergy, then food allergies, then pollen allergies, or just sensitive skin. Poor Zeus scratched and scratched and it seemed to get worst at night and during hot weather. We tried flea shampoos, oatmeal, homemade mixes, raw diets, everything we could find online, the vet kept prescribing steroids and/or antihistamines. I’m no Dr. but I thought, “that can’t be good for my dog in the long run”

At my wits end one evening while searching online I came across Dermacton, I started by looking at the reviews and seeing similar skin conditions and experiences which caught my attention. I kept reading and upon seeing you offered a 30 day money back guarantee I had nothing to lose. Boy are Zeus and I glad we came across your site. Everyone out there swears their product works but no one backs it up the way that you do!

We bought the Shampoo bar and the Conditioning cream, I’ve bathed him 2 times in 2 weeks with the bar and have finished the cream and as you can see his skin is soooooo much better. One quick tip for anyone reading this review, If your dog’s skin problem is all over, buy the spray. That’s what I’m doing. The cream is great but I feel it’s for isolated and/or small problems (which the product description also recommends). Upon putting the cream on him his scratching is drastically reduced and after a few applications became almost non-existing, his skin has cleared up (the pictures do not do it justice) and I even see him happier!

Zeus and I thank you!

I will be buying your product and recommending it to anyone I know that has a dog with skin issues.

Thanks again!”

Luis Palomo
Los Angeles, CA

steroids raw diet

Zeus healed up in 2 weeks using:

Dermacton shampoo Dermacton cream

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