Yorkie losing hair and scratching natural treatment

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Yorkie losing hair

Yorkie losing hair and scratching natural treatment

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Yorkie losing hair and scratching to massive hair loss from chewing and pulling hair constantly. Finally recovers and regrows a beautiful coat with all natural products. This review is from 2014 but as Tatsu is a frontpage customer – we will be keeping this review towards the top of the page so she is easy find for new customers on our recently redesigned and updated website.

Yorkie losing hair

“Our precious ( Yorkie ) Tatsu is 2 years old, and was the runt of the litter. For the past year, her skin and coat was horrible, and she was chewing and pulling out her hair constantly. The itching was non stop. After multiple Vet visits, skin scrapings, and meds, I began to try to find a better solution. Tatsu had been through enough, and I was determined to help her feel better. I ordered the ultrasalve, Dermacton conditioner cream, Dermacton spray and Dermacton shampoo bar. It began to work on the very first treatment. I used the ultrasalve on the worst areas, the cream all over, and she got a bath every other day, for the first two weeks.

Then, I went to bathing her once a week. She stopped itching immediately, and after the first week, she had peach fuzz on her front paws. 3 weeks, and she had hair growing on her back legs, which have been bare for over a year. She has her appetite back, her spunk, playfulness, and personality came back right away. She can sleep now, and even gained 2lbs. I cannot put into words how grateful we are to your products. Just to see her feeling better, hair coming back, and playing and enjoying her days now, mean so much. She is the baby of our pack, (we have 5) and we adore her tremendously. I have told my family and friends about how great the products work. We are eternally grateful. Soon, she will have a full coat again, and I will send more pictures.”

Sincerely grateful,

Leora Danielson & Tatsu
North Las Vegas, NV

Yorkie losing hair


UPDATE Tatsu Yorkie losing hair continues to improve:
“Quick update on Tatsu, 7 weeks of treatment, and even more progress. More hair growth, and doing better each day.
Thank you again for your quick response and the shampoo bars. We are loyal and life long customers. The Danielson Yorkie Pack”

January 2014

I just wanted to send two pictures to show the remarkable progress that Tatsu has made since using your products. She went from being almost complete bald and absolutely miserable in August of 2013, to this, in January of 2014. Her coat is full, shiny and growing beautifully. She is back to being active, happy, energetic and for us, the relief to know that we have our treasured baby girl back to a healthy pup is overwhelming. Thank you, from the very bottom of our hearts.

The Danielsons”

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If you have a Yorkie losing hair, itching, scratching chewing you can try these products risk free with the manufacturers money back guarantee. Tatsu’s family ordered and used the following natural products  for this incredible recovery. Each product is effective on its own, though using the shampoo bar as a system with the more concentrated cream or spray is advisable for extreme cases like Tatsu’s :

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We have a 30 day no quibble money back guarantee if you are not 100% satisfied with your dogs response to these products.

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