Westie skin problems natural treatment review

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westie skin healing natural treatment

Westie skin problems natural treatment review

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Our West Highland Terrier had skin issues for years. We tried everything from oral allergy medication, food allergy tests, to medicated shampoo.

westie skin problems

westie skin problems treatment

Nothing helped until I stumbled across Dermacton.

We noticed a difference after the first wash! Cadence no longer scratched like crazy and seemed to be relieved. That was only the beginning. Within a week, her hair began to grow back and the redness and irritation was no longer an issue.

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Cadence seemed to know that bath time was helping her. She even followed my husband upstairs once begging for a bath! We have been using these products for over 6 months now and could not be happier with the results and highly recommend.”

westie skin issues

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westie skin treatment

westie skin healing natural treatment

B Turney

Cadence was treated with All 3 Dermacton products: Dermacton Spray, Dermacton itchy dog Cream, Dermacton shampoo and Ultrasalve hot spot / wound ointment.

All products come with a no quibble guarantee and start at just $15.99.

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