Warning – Low stock due to Covid shutdowns

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Warning – Low stock due to Covid shutdowns


Warning to our regular customers, due to covid shutdowns in England – the developer / manufacturer of Petnat & Equinat products is temporarily closed. We are getting low on inventory and once our shelves are empty it could be a couple of months before we have product again. We know many of your dogs rely on Dermacton to have a good quality of life, but unfortunately this is out of our control. Dermacton & Ultrasalve are not sold under any other brand or label. 

If you are a new customer to Dermacton, please make only a small order if you are only testing if this is effective for your dog and allow customers whose dogs NEED Dermacton & ultrasalve to purchase the inventory we have. 

We want to thank you all for your continued loyalty, including telling your friends, sharing on social media the wonderful reviews and photo’s of your beautiful dogs & more.

Stay as safe as you can and know the manufacturer will send more stock as soon as they are able to get back to work. But we cannot predict exactly when that will be at this time. .

Demacton low stock

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