Ultrasalve® to the Rescue

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Ultrasalve® to the Rescue

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Prior to using Ultrasalve®, the injured area was smelly, weepy and sore.

Meet Hattie the English Lurcher. Poor dog! Hattie was kicked in the cheek by a horse. The first 2 pictures are before Hattie’s owner put on an application of PetNat Ultrasalve®.

close up of the dog’s wound

Wow! After just 8 days of treatment with PetNat Ultrasalve, you can clearly see in the picture below that the sore patch area is gone and substantial hair regrowth has occured.

before first application of Ultrasalve®. This dog has a sore, hairless patch caused by licking. Prior to the owner using Ultrasalve, this dog had to wear a collar to stop him from licking the area.

A much happier Hattie after 17 days of treatment with PetNat Ultrasalve® – no other intervention was used on her wound!

The pictures above illustrate just how well PetNat Ultrasalve® works. If you have a dog, we highly recommend having a pot of this salve on hand for your animals first aid kit.

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