If I place an order, how soon do you ship?

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If I place an order, how soon do you ship?

If you get your order in by 9 am EST, and choose the standard USPS shipping option, your order will be shipped within 1 to 3 business days – Monday through Friday, except for holidays. Go here for more information about ordering.

If you get your order in by 9 am EST and reside within the USA, and you choose the FedEx 2 day shipping option your order will ship the same dayMonday through Friday, except for holidays.

Can I get my order shipped express? YES, If you reside within the contiguous USA – that is, within the 48 adjoining states (EXCLUSIONS are: Alaska, Hawaii and all offshore US territories possessions including American Samoa, Guam, the Northern Marina Islands, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands)

PLEASE NOTE: It takes 2 business days to reach you via FedEx 2 day service, and FedEx only picks up Monday through Friday. For example, if you order on Friday after 9 am EST, your order will ship via FedEx on Monday and you will receive it by Wednesday. They do NOT count the day they pick the parcel up – if they picked it up on Monday and you received it on Tuesday, that would be a FedEx overnight parcel.

If your FedEx order is shipped ON FRIDAY – via the 2-day FedEx option, you will not receive it until Tuesday the following week. A FedEx overnight parcel shipped on Friday will be received on Monday.

Overnight FedEx packages – FedEx delivers 5 days a week and this service DOES NOT include Saturday delivery. If you order Friday before 9 am EST, you will not receive your parcel until Monday.

EXCEPTIONS to the above shipping rules:
Of course, we cannot control outside influences that may occasionally disrupt our daily flow of work. Including, but not limited to, power outages resulting in the loss of internet services we rely on to do business, and delays by the package carriers due to weather or other unforeseen occurrences. Fortunately, 99.98% of the time – everything flows as it should.

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