Dermacton ingredients

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Dermacton ingredients

Dermacton  is a high quality, all natural steroid-free and drug-free formula that is also free of any petroleum ingredients. Dermacton is made from the highest quality natural ingredients, to safely provide a natural, non-steroid & drug-free alternative treatment for your dog.

Dermacton  is formulated with shea butter and beeswax that contains a unique proprietary blend of 13 pure essential oils and herbal extracts that are sourced from the around the world. The ingredients contained in the Dermacton line of products are human grade and are the finest quality therapeutic essential oils & herbal extracts available for optimal results.

Dermacton is light and highly nourishing and is easily absorbed into your dogs’ skin, and the soothing blend quickly works on your dogs damaged irritated and itchy skin.

All of these products have been specifically developed to be quick, easy and pleasant to use, and are all fully tried and tested and proven to work. They are made from the highest quality natural ingredients and safely provide a natural, non-steroidal & drug-free alternative treatment for your horse and dog.

The entire line of Dermacton products contains the same successful formulation of essential oils described above.

Dermacton only contains the highest quality natural ingredients including:

Nourishing Shea Butter – Luxurious and nourishing Shea Butter base, which is quickly absorbed into your dogs skin.

dermacton ingredients

Healing Essential oils – Special proprietary blend of essential oils which have been specifically chosen for their anti-itch and skin soothing properties.

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Natural Beeswax – Beeswax is a natural ingredient which helps to moisturize the skin, and also has anti-allergenic and anti-inflammatory properties.


Unique Herbal Extracts – A unique blend of Herbal extracts working with your dogs skin to help soothe & repair sore damaged skin

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If you believe your animal may have an allergy to a specific natural ingredient, please contact the manufacturer Aromesse in the UK.

Results may vary