Common order failure reasons

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Common order failure reasons

Transaction failures

Failed AVS Check: 10554-The transaction was refused.

This error typically occurs when the billing address entered does not match what is on file with your financial institution.  Note that an exact match to the address your financial institution has on file, has to be entered for a transaction to complete with our card processor.  This includes any formatting associated with applicable unit numbers, as well as requiring a full nine-digit zip code for some verification.   Also be advised that every instance in which this error populates results in a pre-authorization, which will simply fall off and never post to your account.

Credit card issuers will authorize a transaction with an incorrect name and even incorrect billing address – because any chargebacks they just claw back from the merchant. We have strict fraud checks, the billing address must be correct for the transaction to complete. When your card issuer gives a pass – they put the funds on hold, but those charges never leave your account – depending on your card issuer they will release those funds back to your account within 48hrs. If you need those funds now contact your card issuer.

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