Treating Skin Problems and Patchy Hair Loss in a Pit Bull

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Pit bull skin problems

Treating Skin Problems and Patchy Hair Loss in a Pit Bull

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Pit bull skin problems

“Our dog’s name is Nero, he is only 1-1/2 years old and yes he is a surprisingly BIG dog, as my neighbors keep telling us. However, he ( we thought) was the runt of 5 very beautiful pups. We initially thought his scratching was from fleas, ticks, etc. I don’t like pesticides, but eventually had to get him a flea and tick collar after do it yourself remedies didn’t work. However after that, the itching and scratching continued. We treated him for hot spots, ezcema, etc. we changed dog food 3-4 times thinking he was allergic to something in it. Then we noticed a large outbreak of some kind of rash all over him as his hair started to thin out from shedding. That is when the vet said it was possibly allergies. Spent lots of money and his dry skin problem, hive outbreaks, and hair loss has continued to get worse. I was googling his condition when I found the online ads for the Dermacton products. After looking at the pictures of other dogs, I decided to try this for a month to see if we would see and real results. I purchased the Dermacton soap, cream, and spray on a Friday evening. It arrived the following Monday. I did the skin test over 2 days and started with a bath the same weeks.

My dog’s hair loss is excessive, so the cream is being used only 1 time a day. He does not like the spray at all, so it is hard to get on him. However, we could definitely see the difference within 2 weeks. I wanted to wait a full month before writing the review, just to see if there was a significant difference, and there IS as you can see by the before and after pictures. While he still has very dry skin, the hair loss is not as severe. When people saw him they thought he had mange. We had him tested and he did not. Someone who raised pits tells us this is a common condition for them sometimes. I am relieved to have found something that will give him a better quality of life where he is not always itching and scratching himself up. The product is a bit expensive, but well worth it; especially when you don’t have to see or listen to your pet scratching himself all night and finding self inflicted wounds on him. Still it is cheaper than going to the vet and paying for pills and shampoos, plus over the counter products that don’t work at all. I am a satisfied customer.

I will spread the word about the product to as many people as I can. I think it is wonderful!

Thank you for helping pets and families live well!”

Marsha Seals
Rex, GA

Marsha ordered all 3 Dermacton products for Nero – Dermacton cream, Dermacton spray & Dermacton shampoo bar.

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