Treating Skin Allergies Naturally with Dermacton

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Treating Skin Allergies Naturally with Dermacton

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“Miraculous products!

Our baby girl Boston had been struggling with skin allergies. She is a Boggle, Boston Terrier /Beagle mix with brindle fur, which are known to have allergies and skin conditions. We had tried everything from switching her diet, malaseb shampoo, steroids, and even antihistamine pills. Nothing seemed to help her or give her any relief.

I was researching online to see if other dog owners had figured out a cure when I thankfully stumbled upon the Dermacton site and started reading all the testimonials. It was sad seeing all the dogs go through the same problems as Boston, but also a relief that there was a product out that could heal them! Also I was excited it was all natural and had a money back guarantee – Just a bonus! 😉

Only a few weeks later the results were dramatic. Even after the first bath using the shampoo bar, her skin was already starting to heal. The redness and inflammation had already started to go away!

It has been 3 years since we started using the shampoo bar for baths and the skin conditioning cream on her ears and we haven’t had a flare-up since! Thank you Dermacton so much for creating outstanding products!”

Richard Leboeuf
Woonsocket, RI


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