Treating Scratches in horses naturally with Aromaheel

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Horses scratches treatment

Treating Scratches in horses naturally with Aromaheel

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treating scratches in horses

“I wanted to provide a testimonial on your Aromaheel product. I relocated from Saskatewan, Canada to the Washington area in May with my OTTB gelding Bullynn. Not long after we moved he developed a small case of scratches that I tried treating in my usual manner. It wasn’t improving at all, in fact it was spreading and the scabs were getting thicker by the day. He started to experience swelling in the leg and overall tenderness and discomfort. So I began looking for a new approach.

Equine scratches treatment

Treating Equine scratches


After reading a number of reviews on Aromaheel I decided to give it a go, and placed an order. The next morning the boarding barn called me that Bullynn’s leg was swollen up to his stifle, hot to the touch and he wouldn’t move. We called the vet out on emergency and the diagnosis of cellulitis was confirmed. He started on antibiotics, cold hosing and DMSO…..the water obviously was not great for the scratches that still were raging on his leg. A few days later the Aromaheel arrived, and finally I was able to start getting the scabs under control even with twice daily cold hosing. We dried his leg after every hosing and slathered on the Aromaheel, and looked to be rounding the corner.

However, my battle with the leg wasn’t over. The DMSO blistered his leg which resulted in a secondary infection that needed antibiotic treatment twice. The perk was though that each day his scabs were finally falling off from the scratches and his skin was starting to heal! We still have two tiny lingering area that try to flair up but I apply the Aromaheel on any suspect scab and he looks great by the next day. Highly recommend this product! I wish I’d started with it first and we might have avoided the cellulitis, secondary infection, and not lost a summer of riding.

“Thank you so much!”
Melissa Driessnack

Edmonds WA

Aromaheel $29.99 for 1 comes with a 30 day guarantee if you are not seeing results within 30 days just return for a refund.

Horses scratches treatment


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