Treating a Dog Suffering from Severe Allergies

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Treating a Dog Suffering from Severe Allergies

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“The product is working! Zoey is 8 years old. She has been suffering with severe allergies her whole life. We have tried everything; steroid shots, medications, you name it, we tried it. The steroid shots worked, but we had taken our limit on those. The oral medications that Zoey was prescribed made her sick, so we discontinued those. I had her on a regimen of Benadryl and daily bathing, which as you can see by the pictures were not that effective.

She had thick skin behind her ears and chest area. She was pretty much bald on her chest. She would lick and scratch all night, and she smelled terrible! After receiving the product, I was a little skeptical because nothing had ever worked. At first the smell of the cream was horrible, but I think it was the combination of Zoey’s dead skin smell, and the product together. Once her skin started to heal, the product started to smell better. It’s not the best smell but definitely better than it was in the beginning. After the first week, her scratching and licking almost stopped. Her skin is looking so much better. She doesn’t smell anymore and I’m so happy to see she is sprouting a little fur on her chest; also her ears and sides are filling in. She still scratches on occasion but nothing like before.

We started using the cream January 24, 2016. Today is March 22, 2016, so we have been using this stuff for about 2 months. We are about half way through our second tub of the Dermacton cream. I will be placing an order for my third patch of  Dermacton cream soon.”

Paula Gibson
Ennis, TX

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