Treating a Dog With Patches of Hair Loss and Rashes

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Treating a Dog With Patches of Hair Loss and Rashes

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“Our dog, Holly got these patches of hair loss that looked very scary. We took her to the vet and were given antibiotics. Nothing worked. We tried a shampoo from the vet and that didn’t work either. So, we went online and found you guys at with this “miracle cream”. The Dermacton testimonials looked too good to be true, but we decided to give it a shot. Holly’s spotting and rashes completely disappeared. Just look at the pictures! Pretty incredible.”

Andy Nguyen
Dallas, TX

Andy purchased Dermacton Spray for Holly and chose a free 2nd spray in return for his testimonial, rather than a refund. Once tried most customers do not want to go a spring / summer without a Dermacton ready!

Dermacton Spray

Shih Tzu suffered daily with extreme itching for 2.5 years

Beagle hives hair loss “I’ll give the product a 5 star rating!”

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