Treating a Dog with Itchy Skin and Allergies

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Treating a Dog with Itchy Skin and Allergies

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I ordered a spray bottle of Dermacton itch spray 2 wks ago, This product is so good I saw a difference after a couple times, My dog Tobbie was scratching all night and day. I took him to the vet she said he was allergic to something – maybe his food, so I changed his food and she gave him prednisone but just as soon as he went off of medicine he started scratching and licking again. The vet said that he could not stay on prednisone for life and she wanted to do allergy testing for 300 dollars. I could not afford that so I looked on the computer for something that was guaranteed and the only website that had a 100% guarantee was I ordered Dermacton Spray and I am a very happy doggie.

Janie Clarkson
Union, WV

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