Treating a Dog with a Foul Odor and Major Hair Loss

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Treating a Dog with a Foul Odor and Major Hair Loss

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Dog With Mange

Hi There! I tried just about everything to cure my Frankie (my shy min pin) from his mange and your product was the answer to our prayers! I started by bathing him every other day with the Dermacton shampoo bar and letting him thoroughly dry to be followed by the Dermacton Cream and Ultrasalve every night just before bed. I continued this treatment for two weeks and saw instant relief and results. From this point I bathed him only weekly with the dermacton shampoo bar and still applied the dermacton and ultrasalve creams nightly for another two weeks. From this point to now I bathe him every other week and apply the creams every other night. I’d say his funky odor is completely gone, about 95% of his fur is back since he still has a little fur to grow on his legs and one hot spot the size of a quarter on his bum (that you cannot see in the photo) that should be clear with my next order. I apologize about the poor photos. For being nearly a 30lb ‘miniature’ pinscher he is quite camera shy. Just picking up my phone startles him something fierce and the flash can literally scare the you know what outta him.

I still have half the dermacton shampoo bar but I am completely out of the dermacton cream and ultrasalve so I will be ordering more. A little goes a long way with the product, however, I wish they came in bigger sizes. My pit bull Sammie started to have an issue with his ear that looked to be ear mites so I used some of the ultrasalve cream on a Q-Tip two nights in a row and solved it for him. If he had or ever gets what my min pin has/had I would definitely need bigger containers of your product!

Thank you again for such an amazing product and the lightning fast shipping! What a life saver your company is!!!


Dani, Frankie and Sammie

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