Treat horse scratches naturally

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Treat horse scratches

Treat horse scratches naturally

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Treat horse scratches naturally with Aromaheel :

Treat horse scratches


Well I just want to start by saying, I’m so grateful that I found a company that focuses on naturally healing products!!  I have been battling scratches for years now on my gelding and have literally TRIED IT ALL!!!!  Sulfur products, wellhorse, apple cider vinegar, desitin, furizone/dewormer/dmso mixes, baby oil (to get the scabs off), wrapping, not wrapping, etc.!!!!!  And this is all on a Thoroughbred, not even a draft cross!

It started in Texas and now we live in Colorado where the air is dry and yet, the scratches have persisted! SO, I’ve discovered your Aromaheel product and thus far, he’s already walking better!  I’m currently on day 5 and have attached photos of my trial!  I can definitely see a difference already but I’m already happy to not have to wrap his leg up everyday! Would it be possible to get another bottle of this product or do I need to continue purchasing it?  I’m about halfway done with my first container so just let me know as soon as you can. Thank you all so much for putting the time, effort and research into this chronic debilitating issue for my horse and I. ”

Elizabeth Wood

Elizabeth chose a free Aromaheel to continue to treat scratches in her horse in return for her testimonial.

Aromaheel natural equine scratches treatment

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