How to treat Equine Scratches fast

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treat equine scratches

How to treat Equine Scratches fast

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How to treat Equine Scratches Fast with Equinat Aromaheel:

treat equine scratchestreat equine scratches

“Just wanted to drop a line thanking you for your product ( Aromaheel ).  Jafar, my gelding developed a small case of scratches about 5 weeks ago.  I treated it with several different remedies but to no avail.  It spread to 3 of his legs in a very short time, was scabbed, raw, and painful.


I was going to give up and call the vet when one of my barn mates recommended your product.  After just 3-4 applications the redness was decreased, the scabbing began to soften and the spread of the irritation lessened significantly. It’s been about 2 weeks now of treatment and you can see with the attached photos the dramatic improvement.


Thanks!  I will recommend your product to everyone not only for it’s incredible curative properties but also, for your kind and speedy service.


If you could send another jar of Aromaheel, Jafar and I would really appreciate it!

– Zach”

Zach Herbert

Aromaheel natural equine scratches treatment

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