“Thanks for keeping my girls healthy!”

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“Thanks for keeping my girls healthy!”

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Hello, I have 2 coonhounds who LOVE to play, roll, and lay in the sand here in Florida. The summer is hot and they just want to stay cool. I use the Dermacton Cream on their bellies to soothe any bug bites from the sand. They love it when I rub it on them.

One of my girls just has had trouble with red spots on her back and she loses her hair as well. I put on the Ultrasalve and it worked wonders. The skin was protected and it healed nicely. The hair has grown back on her back and you can’t even see the spots. Great product!

I also purchased the Dermacton soap because since they enjoy rolling in the dirt, they need baths! I absolutely LOVE the smell of it. And you can tell it has good oils in it because it makes their coats nice and shiny.

Thanks for keeping my girls healthy!

Thank you again,

Brenda Brown
Merritt Island, FL

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