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4 yrs of dog yeast problems & hair loss cleared up with Dermacton

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Dog yeast problems hair loss: After  almost 4 years of yeast problems & hair loss in just 9 weeks and 13 year old Sasha feels like a new dog with Dermacton.

dog yeast problems hair loss

“Hello my new friend! My Sasha is 13 years old and has been suffering with from skin and stomach allergies. She became very yeasty, horrible flaking and smell, always itchy, constantly licking that eventually she was beginning to lose all her hair, not to mention just feeling awful.

For almost 4 years, we have been in and out of the vet, trying shots, creams, drops, medicated shampoos, changing her diet to a vegetarian diet and thousands of dollars later-all that didn’t really help her and heartbreakingly, we thought there wasn’t anything that could help her feel better.

It wasn’t until my daughter found you on Pinterest! Dermacton has changed Sasha’s well-being! After 4 weeks, her hair started coming in. It was amazing to see the transformation in such a short time. Her yeast smell disappeared, she started eating again and she has more energy.

dog yeast problems hair loss

Dermacton is an amazing product and now am a customer for Life! Everyone who has a fur baby, I don’t hesitate to recommend Dermacton.

Thank you so much for your amazing product!!”

-Lynnette Smith
Auburn, WA

Lynette Purchased all 3 Dermacton products ( Dermacton cream, shampoo and spray) for Sasha – just 1 of each for these results. 

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lab yeast infection

2 yr old Lab suffered yeast infection for 9 months

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lab yeast infection

“My 2 year old male chocolate Lab Cassius suffered from a bacterial yeast infection for 9 months, which resulted in hair loss, flaky, dry & scaly skin, open sores…completely miserable! Our vet put him on Lamisil, antibiotics, prednisone and a prescription shampoo. The shampoo did absolutely nothing, but the medication helped, only while he was on it.

Prednisone caused him to gain weight and caused him to become food aggressive. Then, my niece found your product online and shared the information with me. I was desperate! I wanted to help my poor boy get relief and ordered your product.

I ordered the Dermacton itchy DOG skin conditioning cream and shampoo bar. It was like night & day once I received my order and used the products starting July 4, 2017 and started noticing a large improvement after the 2nd use, I bathed him twice a week and applied the cream several times a day…a lot of dog to cover at 110 lbs.

yeast infection

I just want to say thank you for your awesome product and for giving me back my happy boy!”


Jeuly Rodriguez
Wichita KS


Jeuly purchased and used:

Dermacton shampoo Dermacton cream

Dermacton has helped thousands of dogs get over numerous skin condition regardless of the cause and comes with a 30 day money back guarantee:

Dog yeast infection treatment “so thankful for the amazing improvement.”

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German shepherd itching hair loss

German Shepherd with Major Itching and Hair Loss

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German Shepherd Lola major itching and hair loss found relief with all natural Dermacton:German shepherd itching


“Good afternoon,

Lola is a German Shepherd.

I would like to start off by saying thank you for your product as it has helped or dog enormously. We started with the dermacton cream now are using the spray, both work great!

We started using this product on the 5th day of December 2016 (first pictures) and when we ran out on the 29th of December (after pictures) was the end result using the dermacton cream $21.50. After countless doctor visits and hundreds of dollars in medication we needed to find something that actually worked. During the period mentioned above the itching went down dramatically and the hair grew back! We have since been using the $23 dermacton spray with the same success.

Thank you!”

Saul Garza
Bemidji, MN

German shepherd itching hair loss



Saul used Dermacton Cream and Dermacton spray on Lola and chose an extra free Dermacton cream in return for his testimonial.

Dermacton SprayDermacton cream

Dermacton has helped thousands of dogs world wide get over itchy, sore, irritating skin conditions regardless of the cause. Drug free, a safe well proven product that has been on the USA market since 2004. You can see countless customer reviews here:

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Helping a Dog with Chronic Skin Infections and Terrible Odor

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Dermacton Reviews“We adopted Nash, a 9 year old male American Staffordshire Terrier from the county pound this month. He was surrendered by his family of 7.5 years due to his chronic skin infections and poor condition. He had been sitting at the pound for over 2 months despite his sweet, friendly personality and wonderful manners. Nash smelled so bad the first week we brought him home even after using medicated shampoo from the vet. He smelled like 20 stinky ferrets even immediately after a bath! His skin was scabby, bleeding and thick with chronic itching and hair loss. The smell alone almost had me returning him to the pound. I knew I had to at least give Dermacton a try before making any final decisions. I felt so bad for him! I ordered the bath bar and spray, bathed him twice a week and sprayed all his raw spots including the areas between his toes that were so raw they had split open. He would limp around everywhere he walked- poor guy. After a couple of weeks of consistent use I have seen about a 70% improvement in his skin!

Also, Dermacton was the ONLY shampoo product that nearly eliminated his dreadful smell! It smells amazing and natural. I am super pleased with this product and LOVE the bath bar. We still have a long road ahead of us but Nash is CONSIDERABLY more comfortable with his skin and his smell is entirely tolerable at this point. Thank you for your product it has given me such hope for him. The only improvement could be a larger size bath bar. He’s 75lbs and this one is going quickly.

Thanks so much,”

Meredith Nolan
Oregon City, Oregon

 Shop Now Products start at $15.99

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“…hate using chemicals or steroids on my furbabies.”

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“August 15th, 2016 My poor Sugarpie has severe allergic reactions every summer since moving to Texas. She breaks out, scratches incessantly and is miserable. I’ve tried everything & hate using chemicals or steroids on my furbabies. I’m so grateful I found your products. The Dermacton soap is amazing & being used on all three now. The Dermacton conditioning spray has worked wonders on Sugarpie. Her oily feeling & yeasty smell is gone. Her scratching has slowed tremendously & her hair is going back.

The pictures I’m sending our before treatment, one week and three weeks. I will definitely order more. I’d be very appreciative of the free product of the conditioning spray for writing this, even though I was so impressed with the results I’d have written anyways to say thank you for helping me & my furbabies find some relief.”


Sherree Acree & Sugarpie
Forest Hill, TX

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dog yeast infection treatment

Dog yeast infection treatment “so thankful for the amazing improvement.”

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dog yeast infection treatment

Dog yeast infection treatment & skin allergies relieved  with Dermacton cream and Dermacton Shampoo bar:

“I am sending pictures of the transformation in our Lab/Great Dane mix, Amos. He is not even two years old and has already gone through two summers of yeast infections and itchy skin due to allergies. A change late this summer from dry dog food to a raw diet helped with the yeast, but he continued to have itchy skin and hair loss. In the past, we have gone to the vet and were given steroids and other medications, but it was a temporary fix and certainly not without side effects. So, I tried every natural remedy I could think of but nothing would heal the skin and stop the itching. He lost most of the hair on his legs and the back half of his torso, and his skin was stinky and flaky. He had hot spots and crusty scabs on his paws and legs. He completely lost the hair on his beautiful long nose and around his right eye. He would walk around the yard rubbing his face on the ground because it itched so badly.

I stumbled across the Equinat-USA.com website while looking for anything that might help and was intrigued by the numerous incredible testimonials, so I purchased the Dermacton Shampoo Bar and Dermacton Cream. Over the past four weeks, I have bathed him with the shampoo bar twice a week and used the cream on his worst problem areas. As the days passed, his beautiful black coat started to grow back, and the hardened, crusty areas on his legs and feet began to heal. Recently, I realized that he is even growing hair around his eye, where the yeast infection had been so horrible. I am very impressed and just so thankful for the amazing improvement. I will continue to use Dermacton products on Amos and plan on ordering more.

On behalf of our family and Amos, thank you so much!”

Heather Harvey
El Dorado, KS


Heather achieved this incredible turn around in Amos with just 1 Dermacton cream and 1 Dermacton Shampoo bar

Dermacton creamDermacton shampoo bar

Dermacton comes with a 30 day money back guarantee and if it does work and you submit a useable testimonial (Clear crisp photos please) – you can choose a refund of the highest single item you purchased or a FREE product with FREE shipping. There really is no reason not to try and help your dog naturally with Dermacton as a dog yeast infection treatment or conditioning for itchy sore skin or skin allergy relief. See all the customer reviews by clicking here

Demodectic mange dogs – growing hair back