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boston terrier yeast overgrowth

Boston Terrier Hives rashes yeast overgrowth – natural treatment results

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boston terrier yeast overgrowth

“Labron, is 5 year old Boston terrier. He has had skin problems for the last 4 years. I always have taken him to his veterinarian to be out on steroids, over and over again. I have changed his diet numerous times thinking maybe he was sensitive to some ingredients on his food. Once a week he breaks out terribly and his skin becomes raw and he itches constantly. I give him frequent baths with shampoo I purchased from his vet but it hardly works.

before Dermacton

He has yeast over growth, and a staph infection that creates his irritation and itching. I researched the skin problem and turns out Boston terriers are prone to this kind of infection and skin irritations. I came across Dermacton as I researched what I could do for him. Once I received the Dermacton spray I bathed him and once he was dry I sprayed the  his belly and under his front legs which were always the problem areas. In 4 to 5 days his skin had improved as shown “

Update: I noticed it’s something I should use more frequently because right now he is going through another break out. It really is a wonderful product. 

boston terrier dermacton

Courtney Mclaughlin
Cariobou ME

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Boston terrier skin problems relief natural products

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Dermacton for dogs

4 weeks of Dermacton – Rubies results

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Dermacton before & After

I have been using the dermacton shampoo bar and the Dermacton spray lotion for a little over a month now and the results are amazing! At first I bought the soap bar because I was skeptical and just wanted to see how well it would work. After seeing good results I went ahead and made my second purchase. With frequent washes and rubbing the lotion on her daily I’ve noticed her hair is coming in more, but most importantly, her skin is healing! It’s also healed her ears so much!

Dermacton spray and shampoo results

Rubie has had food allergies and real bad ear infections for about 2 years now. The vet always prescribed antibiotics and steroids which only made everything worse. She smelled very bad, had real oily, crusty skin and was always scratching or licking. I’ve seen huge improvements over the past 30 days using these products and you can tell she just feels better.

dog losing hair

I used the shampoo bar to lather up her ears and let it sit the 5 minutes in the bath, then after the bath I used the spray. One squirt in each ear and massaged it in.  Her ears used to be so bad. They were the worst smell and always crusty. She would constantly tilt her head to the side and nothing ever seemed to help. Until now. 

yeast ears dog

We both sincerely thank Dermacton for her huge improvements!

I recommend these products to others I know.
Thank you so much!”

Jessica & Rubie.
Richmond IN

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dog allergies

Golden Retriever severe hair loss allergies – natural remedy

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retriever hair loss

My golden retriever (Dash) just turned 6. As of last year he started having terrible allergies. With this came skin that turned black with infection and loss of hair. After several visits to the vets and countless months on steroids and other meds I searched online and found this product (Spray / ultrasalve combo). He was so miserable and looked so awful I was willing to try anything. I ordered the ultrasalve and spray and never looked back! The pictures speak for themselves! The first day we started on our daily ritual of spray and salve (july 6th). The first picture is July 21st The second picture was taken august 11th. He’s better but we still have work to do! This company/product answered our prayers. Our dog is our family and I’m so happy to just see him enjoy life again.

bacteria infection

blackened skin hair loss


“Hello! Just wanted to send an update on my dogs journey. The pictures attached are from treating my dog with the Ultrasalve hot spot/wound cream over a 4 month span. We are so in love with your products. They have made my dogs life so much more comfortable with his allergies!” (Alexis started Dash’s treatment with the Spray Ultrasalve combo, she felt the ultrasalve was most effective on the worst areas (and received a free 2nd jar for her testimonial in August – we did not upload this review until he had fully recovered in October) and she also added the Dermacton shampoo bar to his routine for these results.)

Ultrasalve blackened skin

dog allergies

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Alexis Fusilier

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GSD allergies yeast infection

GSD allergies yeast infection natural treatment results!

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Customer Email 29th July 2018:

Please help me.  My beautiful German Shepherd Boscoe is going through the same as Lola, the GSD, featured on your site.

What can i get him to cure him for his black tough skin and hair loss?  If you reply I can provide pictures.  I’m desperate to help my dog before he turns all black and bald.”

I included pictures of Boscoe under attachments.  I took a leap of faith even before your reply and brought the products.

Boscoe has had allergy issues for a while, but never manifested on his coat/skin.  He smells, is developing black skin and he exacerbates the problem by biting into his skin.

I only feed him Zignature Grain Free dog food, I do add a little bit of cooked liver, chicken or beef to give the kibbles some moisture.  I don’t know if I should D/C the animal protein.

I’ve spent hundreds if not a thousand already to try to fix Boscoe… He even has smelly ears and I bought Zymox otic drops but Idk if I should hold off because they are hydrocortisone based…. But for now I wanna fix the issue of his skin…. He’s starting to get bald spots all over even if you can’t see them in the picture.

I will follow your links, and any other advice would be appreciated… Hopefully these are his before pictures and I can happily send ones of a healthy Boscoe.

GSD allergies yeast infection

So it took me more like two months of consistent lotion application on Boscoe.  I washed him with the soap, I used the salve, the spray and the lotion.  And he is looking great!!!! I included the before pictures I already sent you guys and I included his now pictures.

Shepherd allergies skin problems

I’m glad I persisted.  He’s not itchy and he’s his old self. I’m so happy. It was worth every penny and every second.”

Julio Martinez
from Lancaster, CA

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natural treatment yeast allergies dogs

Dog yeast infection environmental allergies treatment

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dog yeast infection

“Shiloh is an 8 yr old Shorkie. He has environmental allergies and a terrible yeast infection. He would lick his paws raw, they were swollen, sore and red and would scratch none stop.

chewing yeasty paws

Skin very red and losing his hair. I searched everywhere for safe products. Tried several things, but nothing worked until I found Dermacton. I wash him 2 times a week with the Dermacton Shampoo Bar and put the Dermacton cream and Ultrasalve on everyday. Within one week I could see results and by week 2 his hair was growing back and by week 7, it was almost fully grown back. So thankful I found this product. ”

dogs yeast infection treatment

Deborah C
Reunion FL

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dogs yeast infection natural products

natural treatment yeast allergies dogs

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dog yeast paws

German Shepherd Faxx paw hair loss yeast relief with Dermacton & ultrasalve

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yeast dog paws treatment

ultrasalve paws


dog yeast treatment

dog paws issues

dog paws losing hair chewing

Dermacton ultrasalve

“I tried all types of creams, antibiotics, blue lotion (photos) etc but nothing worked on my pups paws. Faxx is his name and he had the issue for 4 months. I searched the web and came across dermacton /ultrasalve and was amazed with the results. I was skeptical of the testimonials but had nothing to lose so I tried. This stuff WORKS!  Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!”

Fayetteville GA

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german shepherd yeast


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dermacton really works

The Dermacton spray is a no brainer – it REALLY works!

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dermacton really works

“As you can see, Annie has a bald spot on her back. She got it from rubbing her itchy back on the sideboard of our bed. Her belly skin is also red and sometimes very raw. I bought the Dermacton shampoo bar and already had the Dermacton spray for our other dog. A month later Annie’s bald spot has filled in and her itchy and red belly is all healed. I absolutely LOVE the Dermacton shampoo. It lathers up into a rich silky soap and has a clean pine-ish scent, much better than the yeasty smell of Annie’s inflamed skin. The Dermacton spray is a no brainer…it REALLY works, and I would recommend it and the shampoo without hesitation!”

Kathy McElderry
Lake Oswego, OR

dermacton really works

Dermacton comes with a 30 day no quibble guarantee – we have hundreds of customer reviews all with before and after photos , many dogs with much more severe skin problems than Annie. Use the search box below to find breed specific customer reviews or skin conditions that  have responded to all natural Dermacton treatments.

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dog bald spots

Itchy dog dry skin with bad odor hair loss

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itchy dog odor hair loss

“This is a miracle spray. My dog Katie age 9, had the driest, itchiest skin and she always had a bad odor. After using this Dermacton spray she is so much better. She no longer stinks and isn’t in constant agony from all the scratching. She was also getting bald spots and now her hair has all grown back.

dog bald spots

If your dog has dry skin and is constantly itching you must buy this miracle spray now!”

Jo Gholson
Utica KY

dog bald spots

When a dog has a bad smell with itching and Odor, yeast infection is usually the cause of the bad smell – Dermacton has helped countless dogs worldwide get over these conditions, naturally risk free. All products have a 30 day no quibble guarantee.  Use the search box to find dogs like yours with similar problems – we have hundreds of customer reviews all with before and after photos. 

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bulldog yeast skin condition

Olde English bulldog yeast skin condition

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bulldog yeast skin problem


I have a 2.5 year old Olde English Bulldog Steel. He has struggled with a very reactive gluten allergy his whole life. Within the gluten allergy is a terrible yeast driven skin condition that the vet just said what “demodectic mange”. However, above is a before and after picture of his neck, where he breaks out terribly. Two baths with the Dermacton shampoo bar and 1 week later and my boy is looking healthy and pretty white again!!! LOVE your products!!!”

Cheyenne Bannan
Breckenridge, MO

bulldog yeast skin condition

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dogs skin allergies

Dogs skin allergies natural Dermacton Ultrasalve works where drugs failed

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Dogs skin allergies

“I found your product on Pinterest  and read all of the reviews on the website and all the testimonials explained the same problems that my dog has been going through for 9 years! I have spent thousands of dollars over the years and up until I tried the products I was spending 165 dollars per month on her allergy meds. She itches all the time and scratches all the hair off where ever she can. She bites her feet and has an awful odor.

Dogs skin allergies

The vet gives steroids and prescriptions, and nothing really helped as much as the Dermacton shampoo bar, the Dermacton  lotion spray and the Ultrasalve which was amazing for the bleeding and hairless spots. In the first two weeks I noticed hair growing back under her neck and I have been using the products a month and her ears have never been better and her skin is prettier, and her hair is softer and growing back she hasn’t had result this good even on meds! Thank you for an amazing products!”

Dermacton reviews

Sarah Stroup
Hahnville LA

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Sarah purchased 1 Dermacton Spray ultrsalve combo and 1 Dermacton shampoo bar for these great results! We noticed a blackening of Paris’s skin on her belly and groin, this is commonly called Black Skin disease BSD. BSD is often seen on Westies and Boston Terriers. The awful odor Sarah mentions is often yeast infection – Dermacton and Ultrasalve have helped many dogs with these conditions. We are so pleased Paris is responding so quickly to these natural products. There is a 30 day money back guarantee with the products …