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westie skin healing natural treatment

Westie skin problems natural treatment review

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Our West Highland Terrier had skin issues for years. We tried everything from oral allergy medication, food allergy tests, to medicated shampoo.

westie skin problems

westie skin problems treatment

Nothing helped until I stumbled across Dermacton.

We noticed a difference after the first wash! Cadence no longer scratched like crazy and seemed to be relieved. That was only the beginning. Within a week, her hair began to grow back and the redness and irritation was no longer an issue.

westie hair loss itching back

Cadence seemed to know that bath time was helping her. She even followed my husband upstairs once begging for a bath! We have been using these products for over 6 months now and could not be happier with the results and highly recommend.”

westie skin issues

westie allergies

westie skin treatment

westie skin healing natural treatment

B Turney

Cadence was treated with All 3 Dermacton products: Dermacton Spray, Dermacton itchy dog Cream, Dermacton shampoo and Ultrasalve hot spot / wound ointment.

All products come with a no quibble guarantee and start at just $15.99.

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westie Dermacton review

Cora the Westie has had skin allergies for years

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“My dog Cora (Westie) has allergies (to who knows what) for years. They been up and down but lately beyond terrible. She scratches and chews herself 24/7.

westie skin allergies

westie skin allergies Dermacton

I was desperate to find something that works. I been to 4 different vets and none helped her. Their medicated shampoos only irritated her more Bought bunch of creams and sprays and NOTHING was working for her.

I came across Dermacton and almost didn’t buy it. One review stated that after first bath with the soap there was an instant relief. I didn’t believe this rave but someone with Westie rescue mention the same so I decided to give it a try. Since I’m in Canada it took almost a week to get here. I ordered the soap and cream. I used the soap immediately and could not believe it – she stopped itching!! I put cream on the small area for the test. Because I did not read this properly I put it on the damaged skin. The next morning that spot wasn’t red anymore I decided for forgo the *48 hours and put the cream right away all over the damaged skin. We slept that night (and every night after) for the first night in YEARS. No scratching, no chewing, no rubbing on the steps with carpet. She must feel the cream helping her because she runs to me when I take it in my hand and she wags her tail when I put it on. We are on day 7 today and the difference is amazing. Her hairs are growing again! I always had to put p.j’s on her but not anymore! I will order more ASAP and will try the spray this time too.”

Dermacton customer review

Westie skin allergy Dermacton westie review

Maria Winiecki
Ontario CA

Dermacton review

*Please note Equinat-USA and the manufacturer always recommends the 48 hr patch test as even though Dermacton was developed for sensitive skin – dogs can have reactions to natural products and ingredients. 

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Westie Dermacton

Westies in Need, Westie Rescue Success Edward

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Westie Dermacton

October 03, 2011

“Westies in Need, Westie Rescue can not thank you enough for your wonderful products. We have been using the Dermacton cream and the Dermacton Shampoo Bar on one of our little rescues, Edward, for about 3 weeks now and we can not believe the difference the cream and shampoo has made. Edward was surrendered to us by his previous owners who could not deal with his constant skin issues. He was quite the mess when he arrived into our rescue, but in less than one month is a different boy. He is not scratching at all, has lost his red skin and open sores and is beginning to get hair again all over his little body. He is a happy and healthy Westie! Thanks to your wonderful products and the loving care of our foster Mom, Edward will be ready for adoption shortly! Thanks again.”

Corrie, Director
Westies in Need

The pictures show Edward the West Highland Terrier’s right side right after his very first bath with the Dermacton Shampoo Bar, and, below that… after 2 weeks of treatment with Dermacton Cream and the Shampoo. Amazing! The poor guy was nearly hairless in the beginning…

Westie Dermacton

westies Dermacton

Westies Dermacton

Updated photograph below dated October 22nd, 2011

Dermacton Edward westie

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