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westie Dermacton review

Cora the Westie has had skin allergies for years

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“My dog Cora (Westie) has allergies (to who knows what) for years. They been up and down but lately beyond terrible. She scratches and chews herself 24/7.

westie skin allergies

westie skin allergies Dermacton

I was desperate to find something that works. I been to 4 different vets and none helped her. Their medicated shampoos only irritated her more Bought bunch of creams and sprays and NOTHING was working for her.

I came across Dermacton and almost didn’t buy it. One review stated that after first bath with the soap there was an instant relief. I didn’t believe this rave but someone with Westie rescue mention the same so I decided to give it a try. Since I’m in Canada it took almost a week to get here. I ordered the soap and cream. I used the soap immediately and could not believe it – she stopped itching!! I put cream on the small area for the test. Because I did not read this properly I put it on the damaged skin. The next morning that spot wasn’t red anymore I decided for forgo the *48 hours and put the cream right away all over the damaged skin. We slept that night (and every night after) for the first night in YEARS. No scratching, no chewing, no rubbing on the steps with carpet. She must feel the cream helping her because she runs to me when I take it in my hand and she wags her tail when I put it on. We are on day 7 today and the difference is amazing. Her hairs are growing again! I always had to put p.j’s on her but not anymore! I will order more ASAP and will try the spray this time too.”

Dermacton customer review

Westie skin allergy Dermacton westie review

Maria Winiecki
Ontario CA

Dermacton review

*Please note Equinat-USA and the manufacturer always recommends the 48 hr patch test as even though Dermacton was developed for sensitive skin – dogs can have reactions to natural products and ingredients. 

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dermacton really works

The Dermacton spray is a no brainer – it REALLY works!

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dermacton really works

“As you can see, Annie has a bald spot on her back. She got it from rubbing her itchy back on the sideboard of our bed. Her belly skin is also red and sometimes very raw. I bought the Dermacton shampoo bar and already had the Dermacton spray for our other dog. A month later Annie’s bald spot has filled in and her itchy and red belly is all healed. I absolutely LOVE the Dermacton shampoo. It lathers up into a rich silky soap and has a clean pine-ish scent, much better than the yeasty smell of Annie’s inflamed skin. The Dermacton spray is a no brainer…it REALLY works, and I would recommend it and the shampoo without hesitation!”

Kathy McElderry
Lake Oswego, OR

dermacton really works

Dermacton comes with a 30 day no quibble guarantee – we have hundreds of customer reviews all with before and after photos , many dogs with much more severe skin problems than Annie. Use the search box below to find breed specific customer reviews or skin conditions that  have responded to all natural Dermacton treatments.

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westie skin problems resolved

“The itching and biting stopped completely…”

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Westie skin problems resolved with natural Dermacton products:

“I am astonished at how quickly Dermacton stopped the itching! Instant relief!!! It had become a constant problem for Biscuit to bite her feet, legs, back, and hip.

Her feet and hip were the biggest and rapidly thinning spots. She also had two completely bald spots on her back the size of a quarter.
I couldn’t stand to watch it get any worse than what was already happening. I was recommended this product by a westie rescue help site.
I use the Dermacton shampoo bar all over her body in her regular washes and the Dermacton spray product only on her thinning and bald spots. I used the spray three times a day for the first week then went down to morning and night for the remaining weeks. The itching and biting stopped completely after the treatment. Even my husband was surprised!!

I started noticing her hair thickening back after just two weeks!!

I have had westies for years. I’ve always done grain free diets, products, you name it. This Dermacton works – her quality of life has improved SO much these past five weeks.

Thank you!!!”

The Dean Family
Sugar Hill, GA


Biscuit found relief with regular Dermacton shampoo bar  baths & Dermacton spray:

Dermacton SprayDermacton shampoo barwestie skin problems resolved

We have countless customer reviews – all have before & after photo’s these natural products really work!

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westie skin problems

West Highland Terrier – Itching, Biting at a Hot Spot with Hair Loss

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Picture is Weston our 1-year-old West Highland Terrier looking happy and healthy in his Raven’s coat. We are from Baltimore and it’s a must around here. Weston began itching and biting and creating a spot overnight on his back. I was pumping him with antihistamines to try and stop the biting when surfing the net I found your products. Picture 2 (below) is the spot he created and picture 3 (below) is 2 weeks after bathing him every third day with the Dermacton bar soap and using the Dermacton cream 3 times a day for the first week. It is amazing the hair is almost completely grown back in. We no longer have to use the cream but are thankful to have it on hand just in case he begins to itch. I will never use another brand of soap or shampoo again. Thanks for bringing such a wonderful product to the US.

Kathy and John Danza
Perry Hall, MD

UPDATED 05/20/2016: Dermacton Shampoo CUSTOMER TIP!

Hi, I have been using the Dermacton bar soap since last fall as stated in the testimonial I sent about Weston our West Highland terrier. I love this bar and wanted to pass along to your customers an easy way to get the most out of it. Simply place the bar in a knee hi stocking and tie a knot. Just cut off the excess stocking and your bar will now stay intact until the very end…..no waste from it breaking apart. Thanks for these wonderful products!

westie skin problems

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Westie skin problems

Westie skin problems all his life – 5 yrs old

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Westie skin problems resolved with all natural Dermacton – totally drug & steroid free:westie skin problems

“Bosco is a 5 years old Westie. He had extremely itchy skin for his entire life. I tried so many anti-itching products and special diets. Nothing worked. He scratched and chewed himself 24/7. Dermacton was mentioned on a Westies Rescue website. Sadly, many Westies are being abandoned due to their skin allergies. This Westies Rescue organization is able to heal these abandoned Westies with Dermacton products, and makes these lovable dogs adoptable again!


Bosco is 100% better in only two weeks with DERMACTON itchy DOG skin cream and DERMACTON skin conditioning SHAMPOO BAR for dogs.  He stopped scratching instantly with the Dermacton cream and I only have to apply it once a day. I especially love to herbal smell of the products. Thank you Dermacton!!!”


Hogan Karl
Daly City

(Note: Dermacton products have helped countless westies (West Highland white Terriers) heal their chronic skin problems. A high percentage of westies suffer from skin conditions. Equinat-USA recommends westie owners look very carefully into their dogs food and research grain free foods for your dog and always feed them the best you can provide.)

More customer reviews including before & after pics click  here



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westies BSD

Westie BSD condition recovery with Dermacton

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Westies as a breed appear to be prone to BSD (black skin disease) – all natural Dermacton products have had great results with westies hair loss and skin problems in general. Including westies with BSD.

westie BSD

“Our dog Coco has always had problems with his skin but it had never gotten this bad until recently. Since his 10 years of existence we have dealt with antibiotics, multiple visits to the vet a month and hundreds of dollars. This last time was the worst case he had gotten. He lost all his hair on the bottom half of his body and around his face. He had lost his appetite, was licking and chewing his skin.

I did a lot of research online and came across Dermacton. After reading the testimonials and seeing pictures of dogs just like Coco I decided to try it. We had nothing to lose and there was a 100% guarantee. We purchased Dermacton the beginning of December 2014 and I started spraying it on his body 3 times a day. We are now almost to middle of January and Coco is doing great. His hair is growing which is amazing, he got his appetite back, and he is even his old self again wanting to play and bringing us toys. I can see his fur coming in all over his body and we are so thrilled. Thank you so much!”

Valeria Nix
San Antonio, TX

westies BSD

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westie hair loss

Westie hair loss thickened skin itchy

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westie hair loss

“Hi, this is a testimonial for Dermacton cream for dogs.

Our Westie, named Candy, who is 3 years old started suffering a skin condition that made her so itchy she would chew off her hair and skin until it bled. We have concluded it’s a never ending case of allergies to fleas. Like others, we saw the testimonials and decided to be hopeful and give it a try. And it worked! Unlike all the veterinarian products and topical solutions we’ve tried on her. Her hair grew back, her skin lost that elephant-looking condition, and she is not itchy like before. She will occasionally start scratching or chewing her self, but the cream/spray work like a charm. She will most likely continue to have to use Dermacton, but that’s fine with us as long as she looks like a healthy puppy with all her hair and normal skin! We highly recommend the cream, spray, and definitely the bar soap.


The Chavez Family
Anaheim, California

The pictures above that show her bad skin were taken on August 27, 2013, with the ones that show her back hair growing back like two months later in 11-9-2013, the one with her hair covering her eyes was taken last week. 🙂

westie hair loss


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westie licking chewing

Westie stopped licking scratching with Dermacton

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westie licking chewingWestie Patrick  Stopped licking & chewing with Dermacton cream:

I recently purchased and have been using Dermacton itchy dog skin conditioning cream on my dog Patrick since mid-December 2012. He was suffering terribly, especially in two areas, under one arm and on one paw, as illustrated in the attached photographs.

The improvement has been consistent and remarkable since I first started applying Dermacton. Not only did he stop licking and scratching but the hair is now growing back and his skin texture has also improved. I have also attached after-treatment photographs for comparison. The following photos were taken at the end of January, after using Dermacton for six weeks.

Thank you. I am writing to you to commend your product and recommend it to others and to request a refund of this product as per your testimonial offer on the packing slip.

Again, my thanks.
Maralyn Schlanger
New York


Dermacton cream

See many more customer reviews ALL with their before & after photos – just click here

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westies in need

“Westies In Need” Dog Rescue Organization Loves Dermacton Products

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“Westies In Need” Dog Rescue Organization Loves Dermacton Products:

westies in need

westies in need


Once again “Westies in Need” wanted to write to you to tell you how much we LOVE your Dermacton products.

We received in a little Westie into our “Westies in Need” rescue named Shelby who had some major skin problems…loss of hair, open sores, “elephant skin” and was so uncomfortable.

Dermacton to the rescue!!! We could see improvement in less than a week as soon as she was bathed with your shampoo bar and the cream was applied. The sores started to shrink, her skin became soft and she was playing with toys (something she had not done as she was so uncomfortable)

Thank you again…your program is great and we will continue to use it with every one of our Westies!

Corrie Yeoman
Westies In Need

westies in need

westies in need

Equinat-USA.com donated lots of Dermacton products to Westies in Need they used the whole range of products on their westies suffering from hair loss, elephant skin, sores and hair loss:

Dermacton SprayDermacton shampoo barDermacton cream

Dermacton has helped many customers westies who are prone to skin conditions.



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Westie Dermacton

Westies in Need, Westie Rescue Success Edward

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Westie Dermacton

October 03, 2011

“Westies in Need, Westie Rescue can not thank you enough for your wonderful products. We have been using the Dermacton cream and the Dermacton Shampoo Bar on one of our little rescues, Edward, for about 3 weeks now and we can not believe the difference the cream and shampoo has made. Edward was surrendered to us by his previous owners who could not deal with his constant skin issues. He was quite the mess when he arrived into our rescue, but in less than one month is a different boy. He is not scratching at all, has lost his red skin and open sores and is beginning to get hair again all over his little body. He is a happy and healthy Westie! Thanks to your wonderful products and the loving care of our foster Mom, Edward will be ready for adoption shortly! Thanks again.”

Corrie, Director
Westies in Need

The pictures show Edward the West Highland Terrier’s right side right after his very first bath with the Dermacton Shampoo Bar, and, below that… after 2 weeks of treatment with Dermacton Cream and the Shampoo. Amazing! The poor guy was nearly hairless in the beginning…

Westie Dermacton

westies Dermacton

Westies Dermacton

Updated photograph below dated October 22nd, 2011

Dermacton Edward westie

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Or type westie in the search box to see more customer reviews of westies results with Dermacton products.