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itchy shepherd

Itchy GSD relief with natural products

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treatment for itchy GSD

“After moving a year ago, my now three year old German Shepherd, named Atlas, began showing signs of hair loss and skin irritation. Following multiple homemade remedies, food changes, vet visits, medication attempts – the last being a shot every 4 weeks at $150 a pop – I was at my wits end on how to help my fur baby. Scrolling through Pinterest, in the hopes of finding another homemade remedy, I came across an ad for Dermacton and after reading the reviews and seeing the other GSDs on the site, I decided to give the product a try. The photos are the day before I started the product; the last being about a month of using the product. While not completely visible through the photos, I’m pleased to report he is scratching less, skin seems less red, and his hair is growing back – though slowly.

treatment itchy dog hair loss

Thank you for making my fur baby more comfortable with your product!

As listed on the paper I received in return for my review, I’d like to receive a bottle of Dermacton Spray instead of the cream, which I believe will be easier to apply. Either way I will be giving this product longer to react and hoping for continued success.”

itchy shepherd

Raven Eckman
Lancaster PA

Raven purchased and used 1 tube of Dermacton cream in the 22 days of treatment.

30 day guarantee on all products 

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Dog hot spots

Dog hot spots – natural fast relief

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German Shepherd Mia gets fast natural relief from her Hot Spots with Dermacton cream Ultrasalve combo:

Dog hot spots are a very common canine skin problem – Mia endorses Dermacton and Ultrasalve.

Dog hot spots

“I’m sharing my testimony because I’m a true believer of your products! I was referred to them by another friend who has been using the Dermacton cream for their dog. She, like me was looking for something “natural” to use on her pet. So, when my German Shepard, “Mia” developed her first “hot spot” I too wanted to use something that would help to relieve her skins irritated state, but something that was also all natural & wouldn’t harm her.

I ordered the Dermacton cream, as well as the Ultrasalve. The shipping was FAST and I began using it as soon as it arrived! Within days of alternating between the 2 products, Mia’s irritation was already beginning to subside and her skin was looking better! Within a week, hair was already growing back that she had previously chewed off. She has since developed another “hot spot” about 2 months after the initial one. With having the Dermacton already on hand, I was able to treat her quickly! These products are a life saver! Thank you!!


Attached I’ve included “before treatment & after treatment” photos. For my testimony, I’d love to receive another full jar of Dermacton with free shipping as stated on my receipt. Thanks again!!”

Holly Schlipf

Dermacton cream and Ultrasalve that Holly used for Mia come in a discount combo – click here $36.49 plus shipping