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Treating a Poodle Dog with Extreme Hair Loss

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Poodle with extreme hair loss – recovery with Dermacton cream:poodle hair loss

” This product has done wonders for Becky my poodle. Along with the pups in the testimonials she has really been suffering. And I did explain my budget to you. But I have spent a tremendous amount on her with the vet. One medication caused her to go blind. I really do believe so.

She is 15 years young and has been with me since I rescued her at age 2 yrs. She is my baby I still refer to her as my grandpup since I don’t have children and now I am a senior. Anyway this cream has done wonders in just 1 month use of it using sparingly. You really can see the difference in the photos. And I hope you get them . So thanks for the free jar of Dermacton Cream for this review. GOD knows we appreciate it. And we will continue the healing process and buy a bar of the soap also.

Thanks so much. And GOD Bless You and your Family too. Be safe, SHALOM,”

Ms. Scherelyn Davis
Beulaville, NC


Sherelyn is managing Becky’s severe dermatitis with Dermacton cream and Dermacton shampoo bars.

Dermacton creamDermacton shampoo bar




Becky is one of thousands of dogs who have found relief and comfort from all natural Dermacton products you can see more dogs all with before and after photos by clicking here.

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Relief dogs itchy

Natural relief for dogs itchy skin in 5 days

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“This is Abby and she has suffered her entire life with itchy skin. I have tried injections, food, every pill that was offered and nothing helped her:

relief itchy dogs

I woke up one morning to find her bleeding from scratching so much it tore open the skin. I went back to searching the Internet and found this website and without hesitation I gave it a try. I purchased Dermacton soap, Dermacton spray, Dermacton cream and ultrasalve. I received the products in just 2 days and immediately put the salve on the open skin. I saw improvement within hours. I took pictures everyday to show the progress. For the first time in years Abby sleeps all night and is comfortable. We no longer have to keep her wrapped in clothing with socks on to keep her from scratching herself. You have given her quality of life back and we are so grateful! !! The attached photos are just 5 days a part of her back leg.”

Sharon Nealy
The Villages, FL

itchy dog

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Or use the search box to find dogs with similar problems to yours – we have countless customer reviews all with before and after photo’s.

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poodle flea allergy

Poodle with flea allergy Dermacton natural relief

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poodle flea allergy

“Hi, I bought 1 jar of your cream DERMACTON® for dogs.and this is my testimony:

 My dog Gipsy is a female toy poodle that is 6 yrs old. She is a dog that is always in inside the house and she also sleeps with us. One day i found that she was way too much itchy and has scars and sores on her body with a heavy smell odor.I went to the vet and they only prescribed me something for fleas and tells me that she is allergic. They shot her with something for the itch and sent her home. I ask for something to heal the sores and they told me that the flea medicine would help her to heal. I spent $ 155.00 After almost one month passed, she now has more sores. I call the vet and she refers me to skin specialist, when I call him the consultation was $ 120.00 plus the treatment more than $ 400.00.

dog flea allergy 

I start to search on line and I found your web site with this lot of testimony and i decide to buy the cream. And it was like a miracle.The pictures speak for themselves and the first 2 pictures was how she was, and the last 2 were taken only 1 week after starting to use the DERMACTON® cream. In only 3 days we could see the results.

Poodle flea allergy

Poodle flea allergy

thanks for this…”
B Lopez
Orlando FL

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Or use the search box to find customers dogs with similar conditions to yours – we have countless customer reviews all with before and after pics.