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Pitbull groin rash treatment

Pitbull Dog rash on belly & groin – natural treatment

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dog rash on belly groin

“Our baby boy was having horrible break outs as soon as the snow melted and grass began showing. We spent hundreds of dollars at the vet trying to figure out what was wrong. They couldn’t seem to figure out  how to fix the issue because the rash just kept growing. One night I was searching online desperately trying to find something to help him. I stumbled across your Dermacton product and decided to give it a try. My desperation turned into a salvation! After two weeks of using Dermacton Spray his rash has disappeared thanks to you guys and your product.

Dermacton review

I’m so beyond impressed and grateful! I have told numerous friends about the wonders of it!

Thanks again from Kane and his moms!”
Glenview IL

Pitbull groin rash treatment

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Kanes Moms chose a 2nd Dermacton Spray  for their adorable pitbull Kane, in return for their review.

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dog dermatitis

Natural Dermacton treatment for dog Dermatitis worked in 1 month

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Natural treatment for dog dermatitis worked, after 3 months of vet treatment failed:

dog dermatitis

dog dermatitis treatment

“Dear Equinat-USA,

I was at my wits end on what to do for Bailey (pit/rhodesian mutt) and Ellie aka Elvis, mixed hound.  The vet stated that Bailey was a late bloomer with a pit skin issues (bumps, hair loss, red angry skin). With my senior dog, Ellie, she suffered from dermatitis on her chin and hot spots, of which, the vet was not very concerned. The vet suggested I purchased prescription shampoo but there was no difference in either of their skin and it was drying it out to the point of flaking.

I came across your products while searching for natural remedies for pit skin care.  Nothing to lose, I purchased Dermacton Shampoo Bar and Dermacton Spray. I was skeptically at first using a shampoo bar on my fur children since every other product out there is in liquid form. The bar works awesome on both dogs; Bailey has short hair and Ellie has long hair plus a undercoat.

The results were almost instant compare to the vet suggested remedy.  A bonus is the girls do not smell like a walking medicine cabinet.  The fragrance of essential oils is great! Bailey’s skin has done a 180–hair is coming back, no angry skin and bumps are almost gone.

Along with the Dermacton Shampoo bar, I purchased the Dermacton Ultrasalve combo.  Ellie’s chin dermatitis has disappeared completely and hair is back! Her hot spots are under control with the Shampoo bar and Dermacton Spray. I was using the vet suggested remedy for 3 months with NO RESULTS.  When I switched and started using Equinat-USA products, the result turn around for both dogs WAS ONE MONTH!  Cannot say enough great things about your products so I hope the attached pictures speak to my appreciation and gratefulness.

Happy satisfied customer,”

Pati Baker
Dog mom to Bailey & Ellie aka Elvis

dog dermatitis treatment

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pitbull skin issues solved

Rock constantly had sores all over him until Dermacton

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pitbull sores

“We tried both medications and holistic fish oil, etc, and Rock constantly had sores all over him.  I finally saw Pet Nat Dermacton Spray and Soap and thought I would give it a try, after trying everything else, I hoped it would somehow work, since we were running out of options.  His skin was the worst it ever had been when we first applied it on him. 

pitbull sores hair loss

.  It worked wonderful, and Rock’s coat and skin have remained looking beautiful.  Thank goodness we don’t have to give him pills and shots that could affect his health.

pitbull skin issues solved

Colleen Hitchcock
Clarence NY

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itchy pitt red skin hair loss

Dermacton treatment for itchy pitt with hair loss

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itchy pitt treatment

skin problem treatmennt

Itchy pitt Diesel gets fast relief progress in just 5 days!

I have struggled with my poor Diesels skin allergies. Nothing has worked and numerous prescription meds I wanted to give up. Nothing helped him at all.  I saw an advertisement on Facebook about Dermacton and started researching. My baby is a Pitt mix and I saw several other pitts on the site that this cream has helped. Figured I would try it.  The first 3 pics are from the day we received the product(1-3-19. The last 3 are from today(1-8-19). 5 days and I see an amazing difference !!!! Thank you for giving me my fat puppy back. He wants to play and wrestle with his brothers again and can do so now without itching and scratching !!! I’ll be purchasing more items from your company very soon. ”

Thank you very much,

Mattie Edwards
Griffin GA

itchy pitt treatment

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pitbull rash remedy

Simon says: natural Dermacton remedy for your pitbulls rash guaranteed!

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Pitbull rash

“Hello! Let me tell you about my goofball dog! His name is Simon and he is 4 years old now, only growing into his character! He’s pretty amazing and super smart and always happy.

pitbull rash remedy

Through his younger years we battled with skin issues from allergies. Trying to accommodate certain ones with special shampoos to soothing creams and to change his diet over and over. I believe that through all these steps we have found that Dermacton has worked magic! He hasn’t had a rash since the first time we used the spray and ultrasalve and we maintain with a spray every week. He is so happy to not have anymore sores and truly lets his goofball ways shine. Thank you for such a fantastic natural remedy!”

rashes pitbulls

pitbull natural rash treatment


Calgary Alberta

Tara purchased the Dermacton Spray ultrasalve discount combo for simon and chose a free Dermacton shampoo rather than a refund in return for their review. We have hundreds of customer reviews all with before and after photos and all products come with a 30 day NO QUIBBLE GUARANTEEDermacton works FAST! 

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pittie itchy

2 family dogs get relief from itching scratching with natural Dermacton

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itchy dog help

Sophie was suffering from itchiness, redness from scratching, and bumps on her skin. In some areas, even her fur was falling off in patches. I couldn’t figure out if she was having an allergic reaction to her food, fleas, or from the grass. I ordered the Dermacton spray, cream, and bar of shampoo. After a week of using all three products, her skin started to get better. Now, she is perfectly fine. 

I also used the products on my chihuahua, Scooby. He was suffering from itchy skin and red sore from itching. After a few weeks of using all three products, he was much better. Pictures show the improvement close to 30 days.

chi dog itchy sore

I can’t believe this is an all natural product and I’m so glad that I saved so much money.

itchy black chi

I would appreciate a full refund of the product. We still have some product left to use.  Thank you,”

Nancy C
New Iberia, LA

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belly rash pitbull

Dog skin rashes natural treatment with results

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Pitbull skin rash

“This product is amazing! These pictures are only 2 weeks apart! I gave my pup a total of 2 baths with the Dermacton soap bar so far and I have applied the Dermacton cream daily – every other day. I am so thankful to have stumbled across this product in search of helping my pups itchy red skin. It was worth every penny I paid. I will continue to use and purchase more of this product. Thank you thank you!!!! Gucci is one happy boy! :)”

Tara Kasper
Gainsville FL

Use  the search box to find dogs or skin problems similar to yours or

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pitbulls rash hair loss

More pitbulls skin problems solved quickly

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Pitbulls rash hair loss

“I am a first time buyer & I absolutely love your products!! I am a 21 yr old college student and I’ve been on my own since I was 17. I have 3 rescues that are over 50 pounds so with all the dog food, flea treatments, vet bills to spay/neuter them, It gets costly! I was hesitant to purchase the products because I only have a certain amount of money after all my bills are paid. After trying so many homemade remedies and just about every product you can buy off the shelf, I gave in and decided to buy the value pack of the Dermacton spray and Ultrasalve.

Pitbulls rash hair loss

I was blown away when I saw results in just a few days! Two out of three of my dogs were experiencing hair loss and skin irritation, but I spray all of them daily. Within a few days of consistent treatment, they both had hair regrowth and I noticed less scratching too. It’s completely worth the money so if you have dogs that are always scratching and chewing on themselves, don’t wait until they start to lose hair and get bumps!! This worked wonders for my dogs, and I wish I could make it myself haha.

Pitbulls rash hair loss

Thank you guys so much.”

April Mancos
New Port Richey, FL

Pitbulls rash hair loss

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Pitbull spring allergies skin problems treatment

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pitbull skin problems

“This is Leo. He is 3 years old Pitbull. I’ve had a problem with his skin every year around spring time. I’ve tried home remedies and every type of cream you can find in the store. Nothing seemed to work. I used the Dermacton cream and spray. It worked well. Within the first couple weeks I noticed a difference. I used it from March til April.”

pitbull skin issues


Ginger Cosselman
Gloversville, NY

dog spring allergies

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Dermacton best product

Dermacton is the best product dog skin problems

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itch free

Dermacton best product

“These are 2 of my four legged children Calianna & Prospero . They have constant allergies to anything outside. So recently their flea medicine just wasn’t working so we had to change brands..but before we could do that they had itchy dry flakey skin.

I am part of a pit group on Facebook (Atlanta Pitbull parents). Well luckily many of the people in the group were very helpful offering advice, and one lady I think it was Misty Copeland said to try Dermacton and showed me some before and after pics of her fur baby.

Well needless to say I immediately went and ordered your product. Well they are now itch free..and the hair is coming back. I have tried many products some all natural some have natural ingredients..but Dermacton is the best product I have ever gotten for this problem. It smells wonderful they enjoy getting it sprayed on and rubbed in.

Thank you for such an amazing product..you brought the relief they really needed.”

Marissa Heath-Harris.
Cartersville GA

itch free itch free

Marissa purchased and used a Dermacton spray $23 + shipping and chose another Free Dermacton spray in return for her testimonial.