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Dermacton before & after

Meds, Benadryl switching her food, CBD oil, coconut oil, probiotics, and the list goes on

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Dermacton shampoo spray results

“Oh my goodness, THANK YOU!

We have tried everything: multiple vet visits, prescription medication, Benadryl switching her food, CBD oil, coconut oil, probiotics, and the list goes on….

Our sweet girl Arlie would be up most of the night scratching until she bled then scratching more. She scratched so much at one point, it required liquid glue bandage under her neck to stop the bleeding.

dog itching to bleeding

After ONE wash using the Dermacton shampoo bar and 3 treatments of the ultrasalve and Dermacton sprayI barely recognize my dogs behavior!!! She has slept through the night and thus – so have we!!!

3 days of Dermacton

Thank you for an amazing product!!!

Forever thankful!!! “

– April
Winnanow NC

Dermacton shampoo review

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pit allergies

Pitbull allergies products that work

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pitbull allergies products that work

“Meet my dog Piggy He is an six year old pit bull. He has HORRIBLE allergies and is allergic to EVERYTHING! We have spent so much $ on different products to try and help his skin and nothing worked until I found Equinat. I ordered the Dermacton shampoo bar and Dermacton cream. I figured hey what do we have to lose.

pibtull skin redness

Within a week we could see a slight improvement. I gave him a bath using the bar soap twice a week and applying the cream after his bath. Within two weeks his fur started to grow back. And his mood started to improve because he wasn’t so itchy. This is him a month later. All his fur is back and he looks normal again. Thank you SO much! 

pitbull skin problems treatment

Heather & Piggy”
Phoenix AZ

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piggy healing

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Dermacton pit skin issues

Dermacton helps Pits skin problems again

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Sniper is a big, droopy, amazing 3 year old pit bull that suffers from severe skin allergies. He’s been through any and every prescription/treatment including steroids, antibiotics, allergy medication, allergy tests, bloodwork, etc. After spending hundreds of dollars and seeing little to no improvements, we had lost hope. I came across Dermacton and decided to give it a shot.

help pit skin

Within a week, we saw massive improvement in Snipers skin. After a month of use, I will be a forever customer. Before- his skin was crusted over, inflamed and bleeding. Now- it’s perfectly pink, hair is growing back, and soft. Thank you for giving me my beautiful puppy back. Seeing how happy he is and back to bouncing around- I am forever grateful. “

Ashley Amromin
Grand Blanc MI

Dermacton pit skin issues

Ashley used all 3 Dermacton products with Sniper: Dermacton cream, Dermacton Spray and the soothing Dermacton shampoo bar for all over conditioning & itch relief.

30 day no quibble guarantee thousands of dogs helped – see many more pitsbulls who found relief from their skin problems with Dermacton  by clicking here

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treat pitbull skin conditions

How to treat pitbull skin problems

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Another great review from a customer who searched for a long time – How to treat his pitbull’s skin problems :

how to treat pitbull skin problems

My name is David Muniz

My dogs name Sasha

“Sasha, my 2 and a half years old blue pitbull mix, started to get this rare skin condition where she itched very bad until she would bleed. She would also bite and lick her paws, to the point where she had so many ugly bold red spots, I felt so bad for her. She would scratch until she cried, I started researching what it could be she had and started trying all types of home remedies. She got so bad I took her to my vet, which was no help at all, she kept getting worse and worse, even changed her foods and nothing. I had wasted hundreds of dollars looking to help her.

I remember running into Equinat-USA while researching but I was hesitant, and I didn’t bother with it because it seemed expensive and I thought it would not work. But under desperation I said I’ll give them a try because of so many good reviews and testimonials. So I got there product fast, I ordered Dermacton itchy dog skin conditioning cream & same brand shampoo bar soothing formula for dogs.

 I’ll be honest with you, within a week she was scratching less but not a noticeable change. At 2 weeks I started noticing hair growing back to those bold red spots, it took about 4 or more weeks but I’m so happy with the results. All her hair is back, she beautiful again, it was so worth it.  I will now be a customer forever of Equinat, I do understand I have a pitbull and their very skin sensitive and I might be dealing with her skin issues for ever, but now I know what really works, THANKS TO EQUINAT-USA.”

how to treat dogs skin problems naturally

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pitbull skin problems relieved

Pitbull review Dog belly rash hair loss recovery with natural products

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Our dog Angus is a 8 year old pit bull. He has been with our family since he was a year old he never showed any kind of skin problems till he was about 6 or 7. Since then I feel like I have tried EVERYTHING.

dog rash belly groin

The only thing that gave him any kind of relief was a steroid pill every other day and we all know the what the side effects and the long term usage dose to a dog. So I went on a search to find something anything that would help my dog.

 I came across the Dermacton products on Pinterest I read over many reviews and decided to try it. It arrived very quickly, I ordered the Dermacton itchy dog shampoo bar and Dermacton spray lotion. Started with a bath that night and lotion after he dried well. It immediately helped with the smell within a few days of the lotion spray he had stopped licking and scratching. After a week had noticed his hair had started growing back! The redness and irritation are at a stop. I can’t wait to see how it goes from here.

dog rash hair loss treatment

 Thank you so much!”

Tamara Carter from Burlington  NC

pitbull skin problems relieved

All products have a 30 day no quibble guarantee and have helped thousands of dogs world wide since 2004 

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Available exclusively from Equinat-USA shipping from the USA  – Dermacton is NOT available on Amazon.com or in Petsmart or Walmart or anywhere else in the States. Dermacton is not sold under any other name – there is NO Dermacton equivalent.

100’s more Dermacton reviews here all with before & after pics.

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petnat dermacton review

Within 4 days my dogs hair is coming back – Pitbull skin allergy Dermacton review

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pitbull itchy skin allergiespitbull allergy treatment

“I want give a pat on the back to the makers of Dermacton. I have a 5 year old Blue Pit named Yanke. I have been dealing with his bad skin allergy for about 2 years now. We’ve tried everything, from vet approved shampoos to allergy medication. But nothing helped. So I searched for something different to help and came across testimonies and pictures of other dogs. All of them looked like my dogs skin.

 So once I seen the after pictures. I said I have to try Dermacton on my sweet boy. My products came in on a Thursday. I gave him a bath soon as I got it. By Monday I’ve noticed a big difference in him. He’s not itching like he used too and his skin looks great. So within 4 days my dogs hair is coming back.

pitbull itchy skin hair loss

I was more excited than he was. (: I will not be going to the vet for any shampoos or advice. I’ll be ordering from Dermacton from now on.!!! 

Again I wanna say thanks for this amazing product.!!! Yanke sure appreciates it.!!”

F Daniels
Saline LA

petnat dermacton review

Yanke was treated with Dermacton Spray Dermacton lotion for itchy dogs and Dermacton soothing formula shampoo bar. Dermacton shampoo for dogs

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Pitbull groin rash treatment

Pitbull Dog rash on belly & groin – natural treatment

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dog rash on belly groin

“Our baby boy was having horrible break outs as soon as the snow melted and grass began showing. We spent hundreds of dollars at the vet trying to figure out what was wrong. They couldn’t seem to figure out  how to fix the issue because the rash just kept growing. One night I was searching online desperately trying to find something to help him. I stumbled across your Dermacton product and decided to give it a try. My desperation turned into a salvation! After two weeks of using Dermacton Spray his rash has disappeared thanks to you guys and your product.

Dermacton review

I’m so beyond impressed and grateful! I have told numerous friends about the wonders of it!

Thanks again from Kane and his moms!”
Glenview IL

Pitbull groin rash treatment

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Kanes Moms chose a 2nd Dermacton Spray  for their adorable pitbull Kane, in return for their review.

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dog dermatitis

Natural Dermacton treatment for dog Dermatitis worked in 1 month

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Natural treatment for dog dermatitis worked, after 3 months of vet treatment failed:

dog dermatitis

dog dermatitis treatment

“Dear Equinat-USA,

I was at my wits end on what to do for Bailey (pit/rhodesian mutt) and Ellie aka Elvis, mixed hound.  The vet stated that Bailey was a late bloomer with a pit skin issues (bumps, hair loss, red angry skin). With my senior dog, Ellie, she suffered from dermatitis on her chin and hot spots, of which, the vet was not very concerned. The vet suggested I purchased prescription shampoo but there was no difference in either of their skin and it was drying it out to the point of flaking.

I came across your products while searching for natural remedies for pit skin care.  Nothing to lose, I purchased Dermacton Shampoo Bar and Dermacton Spray. I was skeptically at first using a shampoo bar on my fur children since every other product out there is in liquid form. The bar works awesome on both dogs; Bailey has short hair and Ellie has long hair plus a undercoat.

The results were almost instant compare to the vet suggested remedy.  A bonus is the girls do not smell like a walking medicine cabinet.  The fragrance of essential oils is great! Bailey’s skin has done a 180–hair is coming back, no angry skin and bumps are almost gone.

Along with the Dermacton Shampoo bar, I purchased the Dermacton Ultrasalve combo.  Ellie’s chin dermatitis has disappeared completely and hair is back! Her hot spots are under control with the Shampoo bar and Dermacton Spray. I was using the vet suggested remedy for 3 months with NO RESULTS.  When I switched and started using Equinat-USA products, the result turn around for both dogs WAS ONE MONTH!  Cannot say enough great things about your products so I hope the attached pictures speak to my appreciation and gratefulness.

Happy satisfied customer,”

Pati Baker
Dog mom to Bailey & Ellie aka Elvis

dog dermatitis treatment

All products carry a 30 day no quibble guarantee and yes you can return used products! 

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pitbull skin issues solved

Rock constantly had sores all over him until Dermacton

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pitbull sores

“We tried both medications and holistic fish oil, etc, and Rock constantly had sores all over him.  I finally saw Pet Nat Dermacton Spray and Soap and thought I would give it a try, after trying everything else, I hoped it would somehow work, since we were running out of options.  His skin was the worst it ever had been when we first applied it on him. 

pitbull sores hair loss

.  It worked wonderful, and Rock’s coat and skin have remained looking beautiful.  Thank goodness we don’t have to give him pills and shots that could affect his health.

pitbull skin issues solved

Colleen Hitchcock
Clarence NY

nycanineacademy.com Looks like the place to be if you need dog training in NY.

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itchy pitt red skin hair loss

Dermacton treatment for itchy pitt with hair loss

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itchy pitt treatment

skin problem treatmennt

Itchy pitt Diesel gets fast relief progress in just 5 days!

I have struggled with my poor Diesels skin allergies. Nothing has worked and numerous prescription meds I wanted to give up. Nothing helped him at all.  I saw an advertisement on Facebook about Dermacton and started researching. My baby is a Pitt mix and I saw several other pitts on the site that this cream has helped. Figured I would try it.  The first 3 pics are from the day we received the product(1-3-19. The last 3 are from today(1-8-19). 5 days and I see an amazing difference !!!! Thank you for giving me my fat puppy back. He wants to play and wrestle with his brothers again and can do so now without itching and scratching !!! I’ll be purchasing more items from your company very soon. ”

Thank you very much,

Mattie Edwards
Griffin GA

itchy pitt treatment

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