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labrador allergies

Labrador Bailey recovers from 8 yrs of allergies

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labrador allergies

“Our Labrador Bailey has suffered for the better part of 8 years with skin allergies (her worst episodes causing her to be immobile, inflamed, and irritated).  Her trouble areas were her stomach and her neck.  My mom and I had thought of everything and tried everything, wanting to make our Bailey happy and comfortable.  Bailey had her own dermatologist and we tried things like – steroids, allergy testing, antibody serum created especially for her, benadryl, etc. (The below photo is how her skin looked after all these treatments)

labrador allergies

After hours of research, I stumbled upon the reviews on Equinat-USA.com.  I was floored and for the price, I knew it was worth trying for Bailey.  Our first purchase was mid-April 2018.  We only purchased the Dermacton lotion to begin so that we could target her stomach and neck.  Since using this product, Bailey has not only been a happier dog and less itchy, she has hair growing in places that hair hasn’t grown in YEARS! Her skin is so soft (like a baby’s bottom) whereas, it used to be crusty and scabby.  The improvement in her skin is so amazing and we definitely will be recommending this product to ANY dog who has skin allergies. Attached are pictures, which show the improvement in hair growth, though they fail to illustrate her amazingly soft skin.”

Heather and Kenzi
Fairhaven MA

labrador allergies

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