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dog hair loss sores

8 months of sores and hair loss healing with Dermacton

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dog hair loss sores

My dogs name is Oliver he is 6 years old and he had his bald patches for roughly 8 months. I have been using your product (Dermacton shampoo bar and Dermacton itchy dog skin conditioning cream) for a couple months now and I am very satisfied.  I just stumbled on your website by chance after countless searches on remedies for my dogs hair loss.  After reading and seeing various stories of others I decided to try it and I’m so happy I did.  His hair is growing back and the sores have completely disappeared.  Would buy it again in a heartbeat, and recommend to anyone.

dog sores hair loss

Thank you very much for creating such a good product.”

Jessica P
Ontario Canada

All our products come with a 30 day no quibble guarantee 

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Dog hot spots

Dog hot spots – natural fast relief

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German Shepherd Mia gets fast natural relief from her Hot Spots with Dermacton cream Ultrasalve combo:

Dog hot spots are a very common canine skin problem – Mia endorses Dermacton and Ultrasalve.

Dog hot spots

“I’m sharing my testimony because I’m a true believer of your products! I was referred to them by another friend who has been using the Dermacton cream for their dog. She, like me was looking for something “natural” to use on her pet. So, when my German Shepard, “Mia” developed her first “hot spot” I too wanted to use something that would help to relieve her skins irritated state, but something that was also all natural & wouldn’t harm her.

I ordered the Dermacton cream, as well as the Ultrasalve. The shipping was FAST and I began using it as soon as it arrived! Within days of alternating between the 2 products, Mia’s irritation was already beginning to subside and her skin was looking better! Within a week, hair was already growing back that she had previously chewed off. She has since developed another “hot spot” about 2 months after the initial one. With having the Dermacton already on hand, I was able to treat her quickly! These products are a life saver! Thank you!!


Attached I’ve included “before treatment & after treatment” photos. For my testimony, I’d love to receive another full jar of Dermacton with free shipping as stated on my receipt. Thanks again!!”

Holly Schlipf

Dermacton cream and Ultrasalve that Holly used for Mia come in a discount combo – click here $36.49 plus shipping

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lab hot spots

Yellow lab Hot spots: “This is the first product I’ve come across that actually works!”

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lab hot spotsBudford 12 year old yellow lab suffered from Hot spots:

Lab hot spots? Hair loss, chewing, itching and general distress sorted with Petnat natural products:
“Good day! I am amazed with your products, and so relieved that I found your company. My 12-year old yellow lab, Budford, suffers from hotspots during the intense Texas summers. Sometimes they get so bad the blood literally oozes from his skin.

Within months of using the ultra salve and Dermacton spray, as well as the special Dermacton soap, Bud was itch free and his hair grew back nicely. Additionally, an added bonus is that these concoctions smell fabulous! This is the first product I’ve come across that actually works!

My brother has an English bulldog with horrid allergies and skin ailments; I will definitely be recommending the ultra salve and Dermacton spray!”

Thank you!

Kat Abbott
Austin, TX


Kat used the discounted Dermacton Spray ultrasalve combo for Budford at a cost of $37.49  and the $15.99  Dermacton shampoo bar plus shipping:

The ideal doggy skin care combo pack.Dermacton shampoo bar

We have countless  customer reviews  all with before and after photos here:

Healing Dog Hot Spots with all natural Dermacton

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healing dog hot spots

Healing Dog Hot Spots with all natural Dermacton

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healing dog hot spotsHealing dog hot spots, hair loss & itching with all natural Dermacton:
“Shortly after we adopted Tootsie we noticed she had several spots that she wouldn’t stop itching. We tried oatmeal baths, changed her diet, and finally added fish oil, which made her scratch like crazy. We bought a hot spot relief spray and it actually acted as a chemical burn! Unable to get her to the vet because it started on a Friday night she scratched herself raw. At the vet finally, she was shaved and looked miserable.

I found this site and decided to give it one more try. Within three weeks of using Dermacton & Ultrasalve as directed, she began to look normal again. Her skin stopped rippling whenever she was petted and hair began growing back. Another dog we were dog sitting kept licking her feet and I used some of the Dermacton cream on them. I got a call the next day asking what I had used to make her stop licking and told them. They were so amazed they are going to order right away.”

Sue Zimprich
Lester Prairie, MN

Sue purchased & applied the Dermacton ultrasalve discount combo for $36.49 for Tootsie and chose a Dermacton cream in return for her testimonial. Don’t forget to take before photo’s if you decide to buy.healing dog hot spotsDermacton cream ultrsalve combo

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Treating dog hot spots

Treating a Dog with Hot Spots and Itching with Hair Falling Out

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Treating dog hot spots – Noel the Shih Tzu regrows her hair and stops pulling her fur out with just a change of Shampoo to Dermacton Shampoo bar:

treating dog hot spots


“This is my shih tzu Noel. This summer she started getting hot spots on her lower back. It was so bad all her hair started falling out and she was staying itchy and broke out in sores.

A friend told us about your product and we ordered the soap. We have used it as directed for a month now and she is healing up and hardly ever scratches at all. We had tried several other products before using yours (and most of them cost twice as much as yours) and nothing helped until we used your soap. If you use my testimonial it is the free spray I would like to try as I still have plenty of the soap since it takes only a little of it to bath her with. Thank you for all you do for the critters.”

Rebecca Hulse
Bella Vista, AR

Treating dog hot spots

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itchy shih Tzu

Shih Tzu natural relief itchy skin

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shih tzu itchy

One of my Shih Tzu’s Lucy (the black and white one at the front) has had very itchy skin that she’s constantly licking and scratching. We’ve tried all sorts of treatment over the years. Some treatments relieved the itching but have never healed it. I can’t begin to tell you how thrilled I am with the results of this cream. Within 4 days Lucy’s skin was looking amazing. The coat is growing back down her legs. We used the Dermacton cream 3 times a day and bathed her in the Dermacton soap. I’ve also used the cream on one of my other dogs who gets hot spots. It relieved the itching so they healed very quickly. Thank you for this amazing product! Photo’s below: Day 1 in the left, day 4 on the right.
Your product speaks for itself. The fact that you stand behind it with a money back guarantee and a free product for a testimonial is fantastic. I’d like more of the cream!

Shelia Gardner
Largo, FL

itchy shih Tzu

Sheila purchased and used the following products on her Shih Tzu’s:

Dermacton cream Dermacton shampoo bar