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Boston Terrier skin problems

“Dermacton cream has healed our dogs patchy skin”

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dermacton results

“Your product Dermacton cream has done wonders for our 4 year old Boston Terrier! (Milo)  Our dog has severe allergies both environmental and food, and requires a lot of special care and attention.  The Dermacton cream has healed our dogs patchy skin, and no longer suffers from unbearable itch and hair loss.

We would love to try the Dermacton shampoo!

Thank you for developing a great product line!”

Jenn Cameron

   Jenn used Petnat Dermacton cream $21.50 for Milo Dermacton cream

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dogs patchy skindogs patchy skin

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dog hair loss

Dog Natural Hair Loss Treatment

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Leia the dog begins her hair loss recovery with Dermacton cream:dog hair loss

“Hi! I would like to share my dogs testimony with Dermacton.

I have a 10 year old German Shepherd/Lab mix that has always seemed to suffer with skin conditions, in December it was the absolute worst I had ever see her. Leia had red, inflamed, broken skin and had lost a significant amount on hair on her lower back. I have tried every single antibiotic under the sun, switched her food to a limited ingredient diet, and so many other diy remedies and nothing seemed to help, until Dermacton. The Dermacton cream started healing her skin right away, I applied three times a day for the first week, two times a day for the second week, and once a day till it was all gone.

The before and after pictures are exactly 6 weeks apart, Dec 3 – Jan 14. This cream is absolutely amazing and worth every single penny. We still have a little room to improve and heal, but THANK YOU, Dermacton!”

Alanna and Leia
Orlando, FL

Leia is one of thousands of dogs who have found relief with Dermacton products – click here to see more reviews all with photo’s.


Alanna purchased Dermacton cream for Leia at a cost of $21.50 + shipping:

Dermacton cream


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German shepherd itching hair loss

German Shepherd with Major Itching and Hair Loss

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German Shepherd Lola major itching and hair loss found relief with all natural Dermacton:German shepherd itching


“Good afternoon,

Lola is a German Shepherd.

I would like to start off by saying thank you for your product as it has helped or dog enormously. We started with the dermacton cream now are using the spray, both work great!

We started using this product on the 5th day of December 2016 (first pictures) and when we ran out on the 29th of December (after pictures) was the end result using the dermacton cream $21.50. After countless doctor visits and hundreds of dollars in medication we needed to find something that actually worked. During the period mentioned above the itching went down dramatically and the hair grew back! We have since been using the $23 dermacton spray with the same success.

Thank you!”

Saul Garza
Bemidji, MN

German shepherd itching hair loss



Saul used Dermacton Cream and Dermacton spray on Lola and chose an extra free Dermacton cream in return for his testimonial.

Dermacton SprayDermacton cream

Dermacton has helped thousands of dogs world wide get over itchy, sore, irritating skin conditions regardless of the cause. Drug free, a safe well proven product that has been on the USA market since 2004. You can see countless customer reviews here:

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Treating a Poodle Dog with Extreme Hair Loss

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Poodle with extreme hair loss – recovery with Dermacton cream:poodle hair loss

” This product has done wonders for Becky my poodle. Along with the pups in the testimonials she has really been suffering. And I did explain my budget to you. But I have spent a tremendous amount on her with the vet. One medication caused her to go blind. I really do believe so.

She is 15 years young and has been with me since I rescued her at age 2 yrs. She is my baby I still refer to her as my grandpup since I don’t have children and now I am a senior. Anyway this cream has done wonders in just 1 month use of it using sparingly. You really can see the difference in the photos. And I hope you get them . So thanks for the free jar of Dermacton Cream for this review. GOD knows we appreciate it. And we will continue the healing process and buy a bar of the soap also.

Thanks so much. And GOD Bless You and your Family too. Be safe, SHALOM,”

Ms. Scherelyn Davis
Beulaville, NC


Sherelyn is managing Becky’s severe dermatitis with Dermacton cream and Dermacton shampoo bars.

Dermacton creamDermacton shampoo bar




Becky is one of thousands of dogs who have found relief and comfort from all natural Dermacton products you can see more dogs all with before and after photos by clicking here.

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Pit Bull With Skin Issues and Hair Loss

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Pitbull hair loss“I have spent hundreds on trying to figure out why she has hair loss. Anita has had a serious problem with baldness and all of her test results have been negative for everything. I used the Dermacton soap bar as a last effort and within a month her hair has grown back! She seems so much happier and I am so relieved!

Thank you Equinat-USA!”

Jayme Ford
Leesburg, FL

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healing dog hot spots

Healing Dog Hot Spots with all natural Dermacton

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healing dog hot spotsHealing dog hot spots, hair loss & itching with all natural Dermacton:
“Shortly after we adopted Tootsie we noticed she had several spots that she wouldn’t stop itching. We tried oatmeal baths, changed her diet, and finally added fish oil, which made her scratch like crazy. We bought a hot spot relief spray and it actually acted as a chemical burn! Unable to get her to the vet because it started on a Friday night she scratched herself raw. At the vet finally, she was shaved and looked miserable.

I found this site and decided to give it one more try. Within three weeks of using Dermacton & Ultrasalve as directed, she began to look normal again. Her skin stopped rippling whenever she was petted and hair began growing back. Another dog we were dog sitting kept licking her feet and I used some of the Dermacton cream on them. I got a call the next day asking what I had used to make her stop licking and told them. They were so amazed they are going to order right away.”

Sue Zimprich
Lester Prairie, MN

Sue purchased & applied the Dermacton ultrasalve discount combo for $36.49 for Tootsie and chose a Dermacton cream in return for her testimonial. Don’t forget to take before photo’s if you decide to buy.healing dog hot spotsDermacton cream ultrsalve combo

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These wonderful natural products have helped countless pet owners healing dog hot spots and other chronic skin conditions, skin allergies, rashes, BSD, hair loss, chewing and itching to raw skin – Risk free products with a 30 day money back guarantee!

Use the search box below to find more reviews with symptoms like your dog or by breed.

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Border collie major hair loss itching scratching relief

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“Ok so here’s my testimonial. I have a Border Collie named Clover that is 10 years old. She has been like the first picture below since about last October or November.I feed her a raw meat diet and her dog treats are grain free and gluten free too. I tried mite avenge and mange parasite oil and none of that was working until I found your product. I started using Dermacton Cream on March 5, 2015 and I am still using the Dermacton shampoo bar, Dermacton cream and the Dermacton spray now that her hair is coming back. I put her in a cone at first because she licks and chews herself. Clover is doing good and her hair is now coming back. I took the cone off. Dermacton has helped her not to lick and chew herself and her hair is coming back in. She does have some dry flakes still – but man, she looks so much better. Clover and I live on a beef farm she loves chasing cows. Thank you.”

Daniel Luther
Richfield, OH

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Yorkie hair loss

Yorkie hair loss recovers hair with natural Dermacton

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Yorkie hair loss

We have a 7 year old yorkie named Tigger. About 3 years ago he started losing his hair. We took him to the vet and paid over 200 dollars and he did blood work and said he was fine. He wanted to do a skin test after putting him to sleep but we decided to try skin products instead. We tried several from the pet store but none worked. I researched the internet and found your product Dermacton.

Tigger is now growing all of his hair back and is back to his playful self. We are so happy and excited that we found Dermacton. We used the Dermacton spray on him 3 times a day and are now only doing it as needed.

Tigger is much happier now.”

Thank You!

Marcy Hess
Heber City, UT

Yorkie hair loss

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dog chronic skin problems

Dogs Chronic skin problems respond to Dermacton

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Dogs chronic skin problems

” Let me start by saying Dermacton is a miracle worker. My dog Honey Bear is 13 years old and has always struggled with skin problems. Within the past year or two it has been getting significantly worse. Her hair was falling out, she was flaking skin everywhere, and constantly scratching. I tried everything ..store bought shampoos, home remedies, steroids, countless medicines and creams from the vet (totaling just meds from the vet about $500 over about 6 months) I tried changing her diet.. NOTHING helped. One day I broke down crying because I felt like nothing could help my dog. Late one night I stumbled across the Equinat-USA.com website and thought why not? I ordered the Dermacton spray, cream and soap. Once my package came in I bathed her and began twice a day spray downs… and I used the cream for the really bad spots where she had chewed herself. Within the first two days I could see a difference in her skin. The after pictures were taken a week and 2 days after her first treatment, and she has only gotten better. Best product I have ever seen for dogs with bad skin conditions. I still use the spray almost daily on her and 1 or 2 baths a week. Dermacton saved my dog! I am so glad it worked!”

Stephanie Garner
Morgan City, LA

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Dogs chronic skin problems

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shih tzu skin issues

Shih Tzu skin issues natural treatment results

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shih Tzu skin issues

September 3rd, 2013

Dear equinat-USA.com,

“My dogs name is Juliet. She is a 3 year old Shih Tzu. Because we live in a tropical island, and she is a Shih tzu, she began to have skin problems at a very young age, probably on her first birthday. I have tried to control it by always having her hair groomed really short and keeping her in a cool room. When I took her to the vet he recommended some shots, and a shampoo, I wasn’t able to afford the medication but I did buy her the shampoo, its the only one I have used on her since, its called Allergroom, which is an hypoallergenic shampoo, but me and my husband had to leave on vacation and left her, when we returned, it was worse, the person who took care of her left the windows closed and no fan or air on, she begins to scratch and scratch because of the heat, that’s when we decided to look for something else, and I am a true believer in natural products, because I read the other testimonials and saw it was made of essential oils, I dared to purchase it. At first I was hesitant to purchasing something online, but I cared more for my dear shih tzu. Once I received the Dermacton itchy dog skin conditioning cream, and did the patch test, it all worked great. I was very happy because my Shih Tzu has had a delicate skin and iI have to be very careful with what I use on her, but because these products are made of natural oils they worked perfectly on her. I recommend that everyone use this for their dear dogs. Its great!! Thank you for saving me a lot of money at the vet! Trust me, you’ll love it!!

I began the product on August 24th 2013, and the after picture is from September 1st, basically with only a week of use, and she only allowed me to put it on her twice a day, mornings and night.”

Thank you for saving my little girls skin!!
Richard Santos and Alexandra Morales
Lajas, Puerto Rico

shih tzu skin issues

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