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Yorkie puppy hair loss

Yorkie hair loss results of 6 days of Dermacton for dogs

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Yorkie Dermacton results

“Benji is a 8 month old Yorkshire Terrier pure breed. We have spent endless months and dollars trying to solve his problem. Itching redness till raw and bleeding including hair loss till bald. We’ve tried numerous vet appointments lotions shampoos homeopathic drops by vet antihistamines and then dangerous  steroids out of desperation. Not to mention the discomfort for this poor baby. Within 2 days of Dermacton his hair was growing back and itching subsided. It’s a miracle. It’s only now been 6 days and the results are incredible. Thank you so much for this awesome product.”

K Montano
Newtown PA

Additional photo’s of Benji’s recovery

Yorkie losing hair

6 days of Dermacton

yorkie hair loss back legs

Yorkie puppy hair loss

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APBT allergies hair loss

APBT skin problems allergies hair loss – natural effective products

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APBT allergies hair loss

“My 5 year old rescue suffers from a multitude of allergies, soy, wheat, beef, turkey to name a few and life in general. Occasional seasonal break outs but this past winter nothing worked, twice weekly baths and allergy meds, benadryl & zyrtec combined. Finally tried out the dermacton soap bar, lotion and spray. Two  months it fully cleared. Thanks.”

belly rash pit bull dogs


what will help pitbull skin condition

pitbull after Dermacton

“ Her name is Indy, she’s a purebred blue nose APBT. Indy was bred at first heat and dumped with one remaining pup @ the rescue, NY Bully Crew. Due to her recessive genes she has a lot of allergen related issues and prone to bacterial and fungal infections. It’s a side story but I like to tell people that irresponsible breeding is still prevalent. She gets a lot of complements and all are surprised she was thrown away instead of us buying her from someone. The answer to their second question is she’s spade.”

Caoimhe Diu

APBT skin problems

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healing hives hair loss pitbull

Pitbull hives hair loss skin problems healing

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healing hives hair loss pitbull

“Our dog Charlie has skin issues that won’t go away. He has been on numerous antibiotics along with steroids without any results.  Medicated baths did nothing. We started using the Dermacton about 3 weeks ago.  Charlies skin has started to heal and his hair is growing back. If your hesitating don’t,  give the products a try. You will be amazed at the results. “

Pitbull after dermacton

Sherri C

Sherri ordered the Dermacton Spray ultrasalve combo, a Dermacton shampoo bar and a Dermacton cream for Charlie.

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Dermacton for dogs

4 weeks of Dermacton – Rubies results

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Dermacton before & After

I have been using the dermacton shampoo bar and the Dermacton spray lotion for a little over a month now and the results are amazing! At first I bought the soap bar because I was skeptical and just wanted to see how well it would work. After seeing good results I went ahead and made my second purchase. With frequent washes and rubbing the lotion on her daily I’ve noticed her hair is coming in more, but most importantly, her skin is healing! It’s also healed her ears so much!

Dermacton spray and shampoo results

Rubie has had food allergies and real bad ear infections for about 2 years now. The vet always prescribed antibiotics and steroids which only made everything worse. She smelled very bad, had real oily, crusty skin and was always scratching or licking. I’ve seen huge improvements over the past 30 days using these products and you can tell she just feels better.

dog losing hair

I used the shampoo bar to lather up her ears and let it sit the 5 minutes in the bath, then after the bath I used the spray. One squirt in each ear and massaged it in.  Her ears used to be so bad. They were the worst smell and always crusty. She would constantly tilt her head to the side and nothing ever seemed to help. Until now. 

yeast ears dog

We both sincerely thank Dermacton for her huge improvements!

I recommend these products to others I know.
Thank you so much!”

Jessica & Rubie.
Richmond IN

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Dermacton dog cyber

Itchy dog hair loss back & tail

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dermacton reviews

My Cyber is a 12 year old husky/pitbull mix.  He was getting itchy and showing loss of hair on his back and tail.  I tried several over the counter items from speciality store and on line from Evolution, medicated shampoo and “Rash treatment”.  Also the healing enzymes that goes in his food.  The “Rash treatment”  did not work.  I cannot give him a bath everyday either! So I only tried the shampoo once.  Then I decided to take this further and came upon this site.  I ordered the Dermacton bottle spray and went through it in less than a week.  I need more!! It seems to be working so well!  See for yourself on included photos.  He reminds me of Ipsie, one of the testimonials.  Wow, I thought it was just my dog getting old.  Thank goodness for this product!

Can’t wait for the next bottle!!

Does Dermacton work

It’s been two more months of using the spray product and I’ve cut down on usage since it’s my last bottle.  I may reorder if I have to at a later date. Cyber maintains improvement by using this product and is friskier than ever!  Even his tail has grown hair back.  You’ve made my dog a much happier one!  Great product, once again!!!”

Cheryl Coveduck
Bradenton FL

This is a Dermacton review from 2014, 1of many that did not get transferred over with the website redesign. Cyber’s account needs to be shared, his quality of life improved vastly and we appreciate Cheryl sharing his smile and recovery. 

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before Dermacton

Dog hair loss treatment natural Dermacton works again

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Dermacton works again

Chewbaccah is her name she is 9! We have been dealing with this for about 3 years and have tried everything from prescribed washes by the vet to prednisone and found nothing to work for a permanent fix! She has gained her weight back and is healthy than ever and happier than I have seen her in so long!

Dermacton works

After just 1 month of use!! Placing my second order! We have not found anything that would work for our sweet girl until now!

Emily Juarez
Carbondale, IL

Emily used Dermacton Spray, along with the Dermacton itchy dog shampoo bar for these results.

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westie skin healing natural treatment

Westie skin problems natural treatment review

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Our West Highland Terrier had skin issues for years. We tried everything from oral allergy medication, food allergy tests, to medicated shampoo.

westie skin problems

westie skin problems treatment

Nothing helped until I stumbled across Dermacton.

We noticed a difference after the first wash! Cadence no longer scratched like crazy and seemed to be relieved. That was only the beginning. Within a week, her hair began to grow back and the redness and irritation was no longer an issue.

westie hair loss itching back

Cadence seemed to know that bath time was helping her. She even followed my husband upstairs once begging for a bath! We have been using these products for over 6 months now and could not be happier with the results and highly recommend.”

westie skin issues

westie allergies

westie skin treatment

westie skin healing natural treatment

B Turney

Cadence was treated with All 3 Dermacton products: Dermacton Spray, Dermacton itchy dog Cream, Dermacton shampoo and Ultrasalve hot spot / wound ointment.

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treat pitbull skin conditions

How to treat pitbull skin problems

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Another great review from a customer who searched for a long time – How to treat his pitbull’s skin problems :

how to treat pitbull skin problems

My name is David Muniz

My dogs name Sasha

“Sasha, my 2 and a half years old blue pitbull mix, started to get this rare skin condition where she itched very bad until she would bleed. She would also bite and lick her paws, to the point where she had so many ugly bold red spots, I felt so bad for her. She would scratch until she cried, I started researching what it could be she had and started trying all types of home remedies. She got so bad I took her to my vet, which was no help at all, she kept getting worse and worse, even changed her foods and nothing. I had wasted hundreds of dollars looking to help her.

I remember running into Equinat-USA while researching but I was hesitant, and I didn’t bother with it because it seemed expensive and I thought it would not work. But under desperation I said I’ll give them a try because of so many good reviews and testimonials. So I got there product fast, I ordered Dermacton itchy dog skin conditioning cream & same brand shampoo bar soothing formula for dogs.

 I’ll be honest with you, within a week she was scratching less but not a noticeable change. At 2 weeks I started noticing hair growing back to those bold red spots, it took about 4 or more weeks but I’m so happy with the results. All her hair is back, she beautiful again, it was so worth it.  I will now be a customer forever of Equinat, I do understand I have a pitbull and their very skin sensitive and I might be dealing with her skin issues for ever, but now I know what really works, THANKS TO EQUINAT-USA.”

how to treat dogs skin problems naturally

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BSD dogs

Pomm X natural treatment for BSD review 21 days

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Mini the Pom X starts recovering from blackened skin and hair loss (BSD) with Dermacton:

BSD dogs natural treatment

“This is Mini. She is a Maltese and Pomeranian mix. She has suffered with skin issue for 2 years now. After countless trips to the vet, skin samples antibiotics, antifungals, and and steroids to no avail I stumbled on Dermacton.

She started her journey on April the 5th, here we are 21 days later. I am just blown away. Within 30 seconds of applying the cream the itching and digging stopped, and my girl was finally able to relax. Within an hour the places that were fire engine red gone.

Dermacton treats BSD dogs


Her poor skin that was so rough and hard is now soft again. The dark black patches are starting to fade. She now has fur again, actual fur that has been gone for 2 years. She is a much happier dog and for sure gives Dermacton 2 paws up. Thank you for giving my pooch he health and happiness back when no vet could.  (Top photos are April 5th)
(Bottom photos are April 26th)

Looking forward to giving future updates 🙂 “

R Hrivnak
Mansfield OH

BSD dogs

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pitbull skin problems relieved

Pitbull review Dog belly rash hair loss recovery with natural products

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Our dog Angus is a 8 year old pit bull. He has been with our family since he was a year old he never showed any kind of skin problems till he was about 6 or 7. Since then I feel like I have tried EVERYTHING.

dog rash belly groin

The only thing that gave him any kind of relief was a steroid pill every other day and we all know the what the side effects and the long term usage dose to a dog. So I went on a search to find something anything that would help my dog.

 I came across the Dermacton products on Pinterest I read over many reviews and decided to try it. It arrived very quickly, I ordered the Dermacton itchy dog shampoo bar and Dermacton spray lotion. Started with a bath that night and lotion after he dried well. It immediately helped with the smell within a few days of the lotion spray he had stopped licking and scratching. After a week had noticed his hair had started growing back! The redness and irritation are at a stop. I can’t wait to see how it goes from here.

dog rash hair loss treatment

 Thank you so much!”

Tamara Carter from Burlington  NC

pitbull skin problems relieved

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