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APBT allergies hair loss

APBT skin problems allergies hair loss – natural effective products

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APBT allergies hair loss

“My 5 year old rescue suffers from a multitude of allergies, soy, wheat, beef, turkey to name a few and life in general. Occasional seasonal break outs but this past winter nothing worked, twice weekly baths and allergy meds, benadryl & zyrtec combined. Finally tried out the dermacton soap bar, lotion and spray. Two  months it fully cleared. Thanks.”

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“ Her name is Indy, she’s a purebred blue nose APBT. Indy was bred at first heat and dumped with one remaining pup @ the rescue, NY Bully Crew. Due to her recessive genes she has a lot of allergen related issues and prone to bacterial and fungal infections. It’s a side story but I like to tell people that irresponsible breeding is still prevalent. She gets a lot of complements and all are surprised she was thrown away instead of us buying her from someone. The answer to their second question is she’s spade.”

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APBT skin problems

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