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itchy boston

“His coat is smooth and shiny again, and he is not itchy at all!”

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Itchy Boston terrier gets relief and his coat back with Dermacton:

“I own a 9 year old Boston Terrier, and he is LOVING his Dermacton lotion and Dermacton bath bar! For years, Eddie has been itchy and constantly licking his paws. After multiple vet visits and countless dollars, I have finally found something that works for his dry, itchy skin.

Over the years, we have tried lotions, creams, hot spot sprays, medicated shampoos, daily steroid treatments, Omega 3 oils, and grain-free dog foods and treats, and nothing has helped. He continued to lick and itch, to the point that he would bleed and lose hair.

I came across a Dermacton ad while researching some other ideas for treating my Boston’s skin condition. I was hesitant at first, but after reading multiple success stories that sounded eerily similar to our situation, I decided to give it a try. Both Eddie and I are so happy that I did!

His coat is smooth and shiny again, and he is not itchy at all! I have been using the cream twice a day (morning and night) and the shampoo bar once a week for about 5 weeks. I started out by rubbing the cream directly on the areas of hair loss, and now that his hair has grown back, I just rub it into his fur really well. We have seen fabulous results, and he even smells great! The left photos are before treatment, and the right is after 5 weeks of daily use!

Trust me, you will not regret using this product!”

Kate Olson
Council Bluffs, IA

Kate used the petnat Dermacton cream and  Dermacton shampoo bar on Eddie.itchy boston





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dermacton works

I can’t believe how fast and how good Dermacton works

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Dermacton works “My 8 year old Pittie dog is named Nena (“girl” in Spanish) and she has been suffering from allergies for years. I’ve tried everything under the sun and spent a lot of money going to the Vet and nothing seemed to work. I came upon Dermacton on the Internet and read other peoples testimonials. At first I was very skeptical of what I was reading on Equinat-USA.com – it was really hard to believe. I didn’t have anything to lose so I decided to give it a try. It’s been about two weeks and she looks so much better.

I can’t believe how fast and how good Dermacton worked. I 100% recommend Dermacton to anyone that has a pet with skin problems.”

Daiana Zayas
Seffner, FL

Daiana used Dermacton cream on Nena’s rash

dermacton works


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dog hair loss

Dog Natural Hair Loss Treatment

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Leia the dog begins her hair loss recovery with Dermacton cream:dog hair loss

“Hi! I would like to share my dogs testimony with Dermacton.

I have a 10 year old German Shepherd/Lab mix that has always seemed to suffer with skin conditions, in December it was the absolute worst I had ever see her. Leia had red, inflamed, broken skin and had lost a significant amount on hair on her lower back. I have tried every single antibiotic under the sun, switched her food to a limited ingredient diet, and so many other diy remedies and nothing seemed to help, until Dermacton. The Dermacton cream started healing her skin right away, I applied three times a day for the first week, two times a day for the second week, and once a day till it was all gone.

The before and after pictures are exactly 6 weeks apart, Dec 3 – Jan 14. This cream is absolutely amazing and worth every single penny. We still have a little room to improve and heal, but THANK YOU, Dermacton!”

Alanna and Leia
Orlando, FL

Leia is one of thousands of dogs who have found relief with Dermacton products – click here to see more reviews all with photo’s.


Alanna purchased Dermacton cream for Leia at a cost of $21.50 + shipping:

Dermacton cream


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Treating a Chihuahua Mix Suffering from Allergies and Itching

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“My dog Charlie is a 1 year old chihuahua mix that has allergies to alot of different things including grass, pollen, gluten, and red meats. He is on a raw diet with a homeopathic soap but i needed a moisturizer that also was a natural antibacterial agent, the vet made it worse with their harsh chemical creams.

His skin is just so sensitive sometimes out of no where he will erupt into itching sprees to the point where he itches and bleeds from scratching so hard. It not only makes him miserable but it made me feel like a failure and seeing my baby suffer was intolerable and embarrassing.

After I read a ton of other reviews and outer sources I decided to buy Dermacton. I now recommend Equinat-USA.com to everyone with itchy dogs and hot spot dogs. The first day of use Charlie felt so relieved he fell asleep for the first time in months without waking and scratching.

After two weeks he has made a complete turn around and is getting better by the day. His under areas, paws, eyes, and ears are no longer puffy, sore, and stinky. This has been the only cream to soothe and moisturize while killing the yeast/bacterial issues. The cream also has been promoting hair growth which is amazing.

I tested this product on myself first and I really liked how it felt on my skin. I can say I love how it is not oily and very clean feeling as it absorbs wonderfully into skin and hair. I love the smell and texture and will continue to purchase.

Charlie thanks you so much and I do too!”

Helene Vonzus
Tualatin, OR

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Beagle belly rash treatment 6yrs of skin allergies

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Zebby the beagle gets relief from his itchy belly rash & skin allergies with all natural Dermacton:

Beagle Belly rash

“Wish we had known about the miraculous product sooner!! Our poor boy Zebby has been struggling with skin allergies for the last 6 years. We have tried everything; the food switch, the shampoos, steroids, every antihistamine pill under the sun. Nothing would seem to help him gain relief. Thankfully I stumbled upon Equinat-USA.com and Dermacton by chance. I figured “why not”? Fast forward only two weeks, and the results are dramatic. Even after the first bath using the shampoo bar, Zebby’s skin was already starting to heal. The inflammation and redness had already started to decrease!! You can tell by his face that he really enjoys the treatment.

Thank you Dermacton!”

Beagle belly rash

Brian Hart
Gastonia, NC

Brian used the following products on this sore & itchy beagle belly rash and chose a free thank you Dermacton cream in return for this testimonial:Dermacton creamDermacton shampoo

Beagles are a sturdy working breed of dogs and do NOT appear to be as prone to severe rashes and skin allergies as some other breeds of dogs. Here are a couple more reviews involving beagles and beagle crosses. If you have a beagle belly rash, sore skin, hair loss, hives etc try risk free Dermacton like these happy dogs and owners:

Beagle hives hair loss “I’ll give the product a 5 star rating!”

Beagle Mix with Skin Infection with Hair Loss and Itching

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dog flea bite allergies

Healing a Dog with Flea Bite Allergies Naturally

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dog flea bite allergies“I am very relieved I discovered this product at Equinat-USA.com! My dog, Jeffrey, lost his hair on his back, neck, and under his arms and legs. He was also in a lot of pain for months. The vet said that he is allergic to flea bites and gave us medicine but it did not work. We changed his food, tried different sprays and shampoos but nothing worked.

After researching online, I saw the Dermacton testimonials and decided to give this a try. We saw results within a week. Jeffrey’s hair is all grown back and he is no longer crying in pain. He is now as playful as he was when he was a puppy!

Thank you Dermacton!”

Patricia Genis
Cincinnati, OH

dog flea bite allergies

Dermacton products have helped many dogs recover healthy skin and hair after flea bite allergies. Patricia just purchased 1 jar of Dermacton cream to get the results shown on Jeffrey. She then chose a 2nd jar for free rather than a refund. We are sol pleased to see Jeffrey’s coat back – that red skin looked like it was developing thickened black skin BSD.

Dermacton cream

Flea Allergies are the most common canine allergic skin disorder, and the flea allergy will ultimately be resolved by the preventing the dog from being bitten by the flea and by eradicating the fleas and their eggs from contact with the dog in its home environment. Until the fleas are controlled, you can lessen the dogs discomfort; the itching and scratching, which will help heal any hair loss and skin abrasions with Dermacton.

Flea allergy in Dogs is a reactive skin disorder commonly referred to as Flea allergy dermatitis and Flea bite hypersensitivity. Dogs that have this condition are sensitive to the saliva of the flea when bitten on the skin. A dog with a flea allergy will immediately itch and develop redness of the skin and swelling. The resulting reaction from the dog compounds and worsens the situation through excessive scratching and extreme discomfort.

Natural Treatment for a Dog with a Flea Allergy



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Boston terrier suffering from allergies

Treating a Boston Terrier Suffering from Allergies

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Boston terrier suffering from allergiesTreating a Boston Terrier suffering from allergies: “Our 9 year-old Boston Terrier, Rip, has suffered from allergies since his whole life. Last year he developed hypothyroidism, which only made his skin problems worse. We have tried Atopica, steroids, antihistamines, prescription dog food, supplements, and other creams and lotions. He will never be 100%, but the Dermacton products (shampoo bar and conditioning spray) have made the biggest difference. I can tell he feels so much better now and his coat is improving every day.”

Thank you!!

Emily Z.
Ames, Iowa


Emily used Petnat Dermacton spray $22.50
and the Dermacton shampoo bar $15.99

She chose a free Dermacton spray rather than a refund in return for her testimonial. So remember to take Before Dermacton photo’s prior to using the product and submit a testimonial!


See more customer reviews by clicking here or begin shopping Boston terrier suffering from allergies

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Treating a Dog Suffering from Severe Allergies

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“The product is working! Zoey is 8 years old. She has been suffering with severe allergies her whole life. We have tried everything; steroid shots, medications, you name it, we tried it. The steroid shots worked, but we had taken our limit on those. The oral medications that Zoey was prescribed made her sick, so we discontinued those. I had her on a regimen of Benadryl and daily bathing, which as you can see by the pictures were not that effective.

She had thick skin behind her ears and chest area. She was pretty much bald on her chest. She would lick and scratch all night, and she smelled terrible! After receiving the product, I was a little skeptical because nothing had ever worked. At first the smell of the cream was horrible, but I think it was the combination of Zoey’s dead skin smell, and the product together. Once her skin started to heal, the product started to smell better. It’s not the best smell but definitely better than it was in the beginning. After the first week, her scratching and licking almost stopped. Her skin is looking so much better. She doesn’t smell anymore and I’m so happy to see she is sprouting a little fur on her chest; also her ears and sides are filling in. She still scratches on occasion but nothing like before.

We started using the cream January 24, 2016. Today is March 22, 2016, so we have been using this stuff for about 2 months. We are about half way through our second tub of the Dermacton cream. I will be placing an order for my third patch of  Dermacton cream soon.”

Paula Gibson
Ennis, TX

Shop Now Products start at $15.99


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german shepherd

Treating a German Shepherd with Allergies, Hair Loss, and Itching

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Here is before and after pictures of our dog Storm. She was suffering from loss of hair and allergies on her skin. We tried everything then we bought Dermacton and the results were amazing! After three weeks her hair has grown back and she is not chewing and licking herself constantly thanks to your product. It truly is a miracle and would highly recommend it to anyone. I purchased the soap and the spray.

Thank you,Teresa Avalos
Seguin, Texas

german shepherd

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black lab X skin allergies

Black Lab X skin allergies treatment

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Black Lab X skin allergies recovers with natural Dermacton treatments in 6 to 7 weeksBlack lab X skin allergies


“This email is long overdue. I want to thank you and your product for helping my dog Sheba. She is a 10 year old Black Lab/Chow Mix that is the apple of my eye. This past summer was just torture for her. She wouldn’t stop scratching and chewing. Hearing her wimper in pain at night just about killed me. For the life of me, I couldn’t figure out what was wrong. It was frustrating not being to help her. Then I found your product. The fact that it was a natural product caught my eye. When I saw the before and after pictures in the testimonial section, I figured I had nothing to lose since I was at my wits end. As you can see by the attached photos, I am happy and so thankful to say Sheba is doing so much better! Her total Dermacton treatment took about 6-7 weeks.

A million thank yous for your product! You have a loyal customer for life!
Thank you once again!!”

Karen Rivera
Dallas, Texas

Karen purchased and used Dermacton cream and Dermacton shampoo bar for Sheba, she chose a free Dermacton cream rather than a refund for her testimonial:

Dermacton creamDermacton shampoo bar

black lab X skin allergies