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severe flea allergy

Maltese dog severe flea allergy makes a recovery after years

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severe flea allergy

Sundae finally recovers from her severe flea allergy and associated skin problems:

“Amazing product! Sundae is a 7yr old Maltese with a very bad flea allergy! The first pic was years of different products even different vets who said her hormones were out of whack and she needed to be fixed. Her skin was super irritated, horrible horrible smell you couldn’t even stay in the same room with her until I found this stuff on pinterest!!!!! She recovered so well I had to shave her down her hair got so long (last pic) because she hates baths.”


Jy Johnnie
Lafayette LA

severe flea allergy

Jy purchased our Dermacton spray ultrasalve combo for Sundae along with a shampoo bar and chose a Dermacton shampoo bar in return for this testimonial for maintenance.

The ideal doggy skin care combo pack. Dermacton shampoo bar

Flea Allergies are the most common canine allergic skin disorder, and the flea allergy will ultimately be resolved by the preventing the dog from being bitten by the flea and by eradicating the fleas and their eggs from contact with the dog in its home environment. Until the fleas are controlled, you can lessen the dogs discomfort; the itching and scratching, which will help heal any hair loss and skin abrasions with Dermacton.

Flea allergy in Dogs is a reactive skin disorder commonly referred to as Flea allergy dermatitis and Flea bite hypersensitivity. Dogs that have this condition are sensitive to the saliva of the flea when bitten on the skin. A dog with a flea allergy will immediately itch and develop redness of the skin and swelling. The resulting reaction from the dog compounds and worsens the situation through excessive scratching and extreme discomfort. Dermacton has been tremendously successful recovering healthy skin and encouraging hair growth after a dogs severe flea allergy. Even after fleas have been eradicated some dogs need extra help to get back on a healing curve and recover their former skin and coats.

There is no guarantee of specific results and results can vary – we have a 30 day no quibble money back guarantee if you are not 100% satisfied with your dogs response to these products.

Healing a Dog with Flea Bite Allergies Naturally

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flea allergy

Dog suffers from a severe flea allergy and gets skin infections very easily.

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Kona suffered from a severe flea allergy, all natural Dermacton cleared it up in 7 days! After vet treatment, steroids, supplements etc:

flea allergy


“Our sweet Kona is an 11 month old Australian Shepherd who suffers from a severe flea allergy and gets skin infections very easily. We have been to the vet and tried steroids, special shampoo, supplements, etc. We were at our wits end as to what else we could do to help our sweet girl. She was constantly itching herself and gnawing until she was bleeding and leaving scabs. I stumbled on your website and thought we didn’t have anything to lose. The $40 combo pack is much cheaper than all the vet bills we’ve accumulated. After ONE WEEK we have noticed a HUGE difference. She seems so much happier and is noticeably less itchy. Can’t wait to see how this continues to help her with the itching and her hair growth.

Thank you SO MUCH, Equinat-USA!! We are so grateful to have stumbled on your website.”


— Abby & Will Bagwell
Oakwood GA

Abby ordered the Dermacton cream / ultrasalve discount combo on the 18th of June 2017 for Kona at a cost of $36.49 + $7.20 shipping.

Dermacton cream ultrsalve combo

Dermacton has helped thousands of dogs recover from severe and mild skin conditions, regardless of cause – here are a couple more testimonials with dogs who specifically had flea allergies. With a 30 day no quibble guarantee what have you got to lose? Typically most customers see some results within the first week and dogs relaxing and calming down with just a few applications..

There is no guarantee of specific results and results can vary – we have a 30 day no quibble money back guarantee if you are not 100% satisfied with your dogs response to these products.

Healing a Dog with Flea Bite Allergies Naturally

Natural Treatment for a Dog with a Flea Allergy

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Enviromental allergies dogs

Environmental allergies in dogs respond to natural treatment

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Environmental allergies in dogs respond to natural treatment with Dermacton & Ultrasalve – Lilo & Casey sent us their account of 3 weeks of treatment:

Enviromental allergies dogs Environmental allergies dogs

My two year old French Bulldog (Lilo) has an excessive environmental allergy to some various types of grass / weeds…. on top of extreme separation anxiety while in her crate during the day, as I work normal business hours during the week.

As a result, she would consistently scratch herself raw and basically hairless at times. She was absolutely pitiful and resembled an extreme case of mange. I even had her tested multiple times to be sure.

Approximately four weeks ago, I came across your website and read several testimonials before I promptly decided to place an order. My package was delivered Thursday 5/11/17. I started the first application that night and have used the spray twice daily, in addition to spot treating her wounds with the balm at least once daily. I have also given her baths twice weekly with the shampoo bar.

Before I heard about your product, I had tried almost everything with little to no results. She had stopped responding completely to Benadryl and I could tell she just didn’t feel good at all, as expected, based on her condition. Within only a few days of treatment, I noticed a major difference in her skin as well as her overall appearance and mood. She was finally jumping, playing and being that puppy that she was before her condition got out of control!

She still has a ways to go and I plan to look into some additional preventive maintenance with the help of her veterinarian but there are absolutely zero scabs, drainage or crusty bumps on her skin like before. Before the treatment, even the areas of skin that didn’t appear sore or red had an awful texture and would often flake from being so dry.

These pictures do zero justice to how amazing she looks compared to a few weeks ago. I wanted to ensure your company is well aware of my satisfaction with your products and extend my deepest, sincere THANK YOU for helping me get my best friend back.”

environmental allergies in dogs treatment



Casey & Lilo 💜
Lexington NC

Casey purchased and used the following products for Lilo:

Dermacton spray ultrasalve comboDermacton shampoo bar

Environmental allergies in dogs causing terrible skin conditions have responded well to these all natural products, try it them on your dog risk free with a 30 day no quibble money back guarantee. As per Casey’s review you will see relief in your dogs very quickly if this is the solution for your dog, if you do not see any results in 3 weeks just return for a refund. Environmental allergies in dogs feet after being on grass also respond well to a quick wash with the shampoo bar after a walk to rinse and soothe their paws. We have countless customers reviews all with photographs you can see here:

There is no guarantee of specific results and results can vary – we have a 30 day no quibble money back guarantee if you are not 100% satisfied with your dogs response to these products.

Here is another French Bulldog who resolved a terrible skin condition with the same product selection:

Dogs itching scabs bleeding hair loss 2 weeks of treatment results

Dog mange treatment with natural products


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Dermacton cream

“Dermacton cream has healed our dogs patchy skin”

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dermacton results

“Your product Dermacton cream has done wonders for our 4 year old Boston Terrier! (Milo)  Our dog has severe allergies both environmental and food, and requires a lot of special care and attention.  The Dermacton cream has healed our dogs patchy skin, and no longer suffers from unbearable itch and hair loss.

We would love to try the Dermacton shampoo!

Thank you for developing a great product line!”

Jenn Cameron

   Jenn used Petnat Dermacton cream $21.50 for Milo Dermacton cream

We have hundreds of Customer submitted testimonials with before and after pics of their dogs recovery with Dermacton products- click here to browse.

dogs patchy skindogs patchy skin

We have a 30 day no quibble money back guarantee if you are not 100% satisfied with your dogs response to these products.

 Shop Now Products start at $15.99

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PITBULL Skin Problems: Natural Remedy

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If your pit bull, or pit mix dog is suffering from skin inflammation, foul odor, rashes, red bumps, itching skin, spots of hair loss, patchy hair loss, hot spots, and /or allergic reactions showing up on their skinTRY ALL NATURAL Dermacton with a 30 day guarantee. Is your dog driving themselves (and you) crazy scratching or chewing at their itchy skin – feel like you have tried everything including expensive and risky medications? PITBULL Skin Problems Natural Remedy: DERMACTON is available in USA and Canada here & prices start at $15.99 plus shipping.

Pitbull severe skin allergies

Dermacton is an affordable, alternative all natural effective remedy for pitbulls and pit mixes with a wide variety of skin issues with a 30 day money back guarantee! YES, you can even  return a USED product for a refund – if you are not impressed with the results! Most owners see results happening in just 7 days! We have a pit bull dog and we know what it’s like to love a pittie & deal with her nightmare skin problems and the expense of trying to find something that actually brought her relief!  Dermacton solved her issues and then so began importing the products into the USA, all because of our own Pit Tasha in 2004. We have used all 3 Dermacton products on our pits & other dogs.

Dermacton Cream $21.50 is fantastic for direct application when the hair is short and sparse, when the skin is easily accessible to rub the thick cream into. Dermacton Spray $23.00 is wonderful for itchy and irritated areas that are still covered by hair or long haired dogs, since it is a thinner lotion it will penetrate through to the skin easier than the thicker Dermacton Cream.
Dermacton Soap Bar $15.99 is the ONLY shampoo we use on all of our dogs and it contains NO harsh detergents – and NO sudsing chemicals that can be harsh on the skin. It contains the same healing properties as the other Dermacton products and is much more than your average dog shampoo. It is the best selling Dermacton product world wide.

 Shop Now Products start at $15.99

Here are just a few customers Pitbulls  with skin issues that were treated with Dermacton – Click on any picture to see that dogs review: If you want to see more type Pitbull in the search box.


Pit Bull Skin Problems

Click any pic to see Pits full review

how to treat dogs skin problems naturally


Click any pic to see Pits full review

Pitbull rash

Click any pic to see Pits full review

hair loss in pit bulls

Click any pic to see Pits full review

pitbull skin rash


Shop now to get your Pitbull real relief  from skin problems – itching – scratching – chewing and hair loss with no risk!

 Shop Now Products start at $15.99

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Pitbull severe skin allergies

Severe Skin Allergies Relieved

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pitbull skin allergies


“Our 7 year old American Bulldog/Pit mix “Moo” has been suffering with severe skin allergies for a couple of years. s He has been taking 4 very large capsules of Cephalexin daily and 3 TRIAMCINOLONES a day for over a year now with very little relief. The only thing that seemed to work is a cortisone shot that only lasts a few weeks!

Moo was scratching continuously… his skin stayed swollen, red (sometimes even bleeding), scaly and a he had a terrible smell! After using your product Dermacton anti itch conditioning spray not only did it relieve his itching but it takes away his horrible smell.

The Dermacton shampoo bar is amazing and doesn’t irritate his skin like the prescribed medicated shampoo. I was worried when I first saw the size of the spray because I have a 100 pound dog and thought it would only last a couple days…but surprisingly the mist covers a large area (however, I do wish it was offered in a larger bottle).

As you can see in the photos Moo is a much happier dog…swelling, redness and smell are so much better after only 3 weeks!”

Alie Barba
Hampton, VA

All products have a 30 day no quibble guarantee

severe skin allergies

 Shop Now Products start at $15.99

Or use the search box to find other customers dogs like yours – we have countless reviews all with before and after photo’s or jump to reviews tagged with allergies by clicking here

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itchy boston

“His coat is smooth and shiny again, and he is not itchy at all!”

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Itchy Boston terrier gets relief and his coat back with Dermacton:

“I own a 9 year old Boston Terrier, and he is LOVING his Dermacton lotion and Dermacton bath bar! For years, Eddie has been itchy and constantly licking his paws. After multiple vet visits and countless dollars, I have finally found something that works for his dry, itchy skin.

Over the years, we have tried lotions, creams, hot spot sprays, medicated shampoos, daily steroid treatments, Omega 3 oils, and grain-free dog foods and treats, and nothing has helped. He continued to lick and itch, to the point that he would bleed and lose hair.

I came across a Dermacton ad while researching some other ideas for treating my Boston’s skin condition. I was hesitant at first, but after reading multiple success stories that sounded eerily similar to our situation, I decided to give it a try. Both Eddie and I are so happy that I did!

His coat is smooth and shiny again, and he is not itchy at all! I have been using the cream twice a day (morning and night) and the shampoo bar once a week for about 5 weeks. I started out by rubbing the cream directly on the areas of hair loss, and now that his hair has grown back, I just rub it into his fur really well. We have seen fabulous results, and he even smells great! The left photos are before treatment, and the right is after 5 weeks of daily use!

Trust me, you will not regret using this product!”

Kate Olson
Council Bluffs, IA

Kate used the petnat Dermacton cream and  Dermacton shampoo bar on Eddie.itchy boston





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dermacton works

I can’t believe how fast and how good Dermacton works

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Dermacton works “My 8 year old Pittie dog is named Nena (“girl” in Spanish) and she has been suffering from allergies for years. I’ve tried everything under the sun and spent a lot of money going to the Vet and nothing seemed to work. I came upon Dermacton on the Internet and read other peoples testimonials. At first I was very skeptical of what I was reading on Equinat-USA.com – it was really hard to believe. I didn’t have anything to lose so I decided to give it a try. It’s been about two weeks and she looks so much better.

I can’t believe how fast and how good Dermacton worked. I 100% recommend Dermacton to anyone that has a pet with skin problems.”

Daiana Zayas
Seffner, FL

Daiana used Dermacton cream on Nena’s rash

dermacton works


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dog hair loss

Dog Natural Hair Loss Treatment

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Leia the dog begins her hair loss recovery with Dermacton cream:dog hair loss

“Hi! I would like to share my dogs testimony with Dermacton.

I have a 10 year old German Shepherd/Lab mix that has always seemed to suffer with skin conditions, in December it was the absolute worst I had ever see her. Leia had red, inflamed, broken skin and had lost a significant amount on hair on her lower back. I have tried every single antibiotic under the sun, switched her food to a limited ingredient diet, and so many other diy remedies and nothing seemed to help, until Dermacton. The Dermacton cream started healing her skin right away, I applied three times a day for the first week, two times a day for the second week, and once a day till it was all gone.

The before and after pictures are exactly 6 weeks apart, Dec 3 – Jan 14. This cream is absolutely amazing and worth every single penny. We still have a little room to improve and heal, but THANK YOU, Dermacton!”

Alanna and Leia
Orlando, FL

Leia is one of thousands of dogs who have found relief with Dermacton products – click here to see more reviews all with photo’s.


Alanna purchased Dermacton cream for Leia at a cost of $21.50 + shipping:

Dermacton cream


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Treating a Chihuahua Mix Suffering from Allergies and Itching

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“My dog Charlie is a 1 year old chihuahua mix that has allergies to alot of different things including grass, pollen, gluten, and red meats. He is on a raw diet with a homeopathic soap but i needed a moisturizer that also was a natural antibacterial agent, the vet made it worse with their harsh chemical creams.

His skin is just so sensitive sometimes out of no where he will erupt into itching sprees to the point where he itches and bleeds from scratching so hard. It not only makes him miserable but it made me feel like a failure and seeing my baby suffer was intolerable and embarrassing.

After I read a ton of other reviews and outer sources I decided to buy Dermacton. I now recommend Equinat-USA.com to everyone with itchy dogs and hot spot dogs. The first day of use Charlie felt so relieved he fell asleep for the first time in months without waking and scratching.

After two weeks he has made a complete turn around and is getting better by the day. His under areas, paws, eyes, and ears are no longer puffy, sore, and stinky. This has been the only cream to soothe and moisturize while killing the yeast/bacterial issues. The cream also has been promoting hair growth which is amazing.

I tested this product on myself first and I really liked how it felt on my skin. I can say I love how it is not oily and very clean feeling as it absorbs wonderfully into skin and hair. I love the smell and texture and will continue to purchase.

Charlie thanks you so much and I do too!”

Helene Vonzus
Tualatin, OR