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Dermacton on environmental allergies

6 days of Dermacton on environmental allergies

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Dermacton on environmental allergies

“Ruckus is a 4 year old rescued Boston Terrier/ Pug mix. He has struggled with environmental allergies for most of his life. They were so bad that he would keep me up all night scratching, chewing and gnawing on his legs. I had to wrap him in baby clothes just to prevent him from ripping his skin open. There was no relief for him.

He is my best friend and watching him suffer broke my heart every day. I spent hundreds of dollars trying to find a solution to his pain. Baths every week, ointments, dangerous and expensive pills and drugs, raw food diet, immunotherapy shots for almost a year… nothing worked. I came across a before and after photo on Pinterest, and desperate for anything I ordered the bar of soap and the Dermacton cream.

Within 1 day of use he stopped itching and chewing his skin. I cannot believe the difference. He has been completely itch free since we began using these products. I will be sharing this with everyone I know with dogs. It is an absolute miracle and I could not be happier that my baby doesn’t have to suffer anymore. Thank you so much for this product, you SAVED my dogs life!! “

Dermacton on environmental allergies

Brianna Maglio
Wilmington, MA

Dermacton on environmental allergies

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dog skin allergies

Dog age 11 has suffered from allergies almost ½ her life

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dog suffered allergies Dermacton

“My dog Dee Dee is 11 years old and has suffered from allergies most ½ her life. I felt so sorry for her. We did tests to see what her allergies were and they extended from different weeds in the yard right down to human and cat (which I had til 2 months ago) dander. For many years she was on high dosages of Prednisone and hydrocodone which helped until her body became immune to them. We would stop for a while to give her body a break, just for her to be miserable again to where she had chewed all the hair off her butt and it was bleeding. So then we started giving her steroid shots every 6 weeks plus she would get an antibiotic along with that but unfortunately the shots only lasted a few weeks for her itching and she suffered the last 4 weeks til time for her shot again. We were told that such high dosages of Prednisone were causing her liver damage and would shorten her life but we felt that if she at least had good quality of life it was better than her being miserable all the time. Someone suggested I try a home remedy of baby oil, water, and Listerine and spray her down which only dried her skin out.

About 4 months ago she got a pinched nerve in her back and so we took her in and they gave her Gabapentin to help and then again prednisone capsules 20 mg. She became very lethargic because of the high dose of Gabapentin so I just reduced it gradually every day til we came to a point where she was not just laying around every day. Well, because of the pinched nerve she could no longer reach to chew her but so she started chewing and licking her sides and legs. Her hair started falling out in patches and she looked terrible. My husband took her in to get her nails clipped and wanted the Dr. to look at her. I had just ordered Dermacton and was anxious to try it. My husband comes home and tells me the vet said that her liver was shutting down and gave us a very strong RX for her supposedly to help her hair grow back and to immediately stop the Prednisone. And that she was to be on Melatonin at night (she was already lazy and inactive). I told my husband to let me try the Dermacton and see if it works before we do what the vet said. I honestly saw results within a week. She didn’t itch or lick herself anymore constantly. And honestly I didn’t put it on her every day faithfully and sometimes I missed a day. I LOVE this stuff and I never had to give her any of the meds. As far as her liver shutting down, she seems to be healthier than she was on all those steroid shots for her allergies and she acts more relaxed because she is not chewing herself to death anymore. Thank You so much for making this product that has changed Dee Dee’s life and ours for the better.”

Thank you again,”

Debbie Morrison
Umatilla, Florida

(If this is too long you can edit it I was just so thrilled to find something that worked and let everyone know the struggles she has had with her allergies. Just am so happy we found something that has helped her and given her quality of life back for however long she is on this earth with us.)

Debbie ordered all 3 Dermacton products for Dee Dee, the Cream, Spray and Shampoo bar.


UPDATE 1/31/2018

dog skin allergies


“YES, she is still doing amazing and like I have said in the past, I have not used it religiously but usually put it on her when I notice she starts to lick or chew which before was every 5 minutes and now it is MAYBE once a week if even that. She does get a bath with the soap every week. I don’t know if this cream had anything to do with this but she had a HUGE lump on her back from 10+ years ago a vet (who I no longer go to) gave her a rabies shot and hit a blood vessel which caused an abscess. She went through 2 traumatic stays at the vets to drain it due to his negligence (which he refuses to believe he did it). Well over the years it started growing back and we had to be very careful when combing her or petting her. She never yelped like it hurt her but even the new vet wouldn’t do anything with it. After using this Dermacton cream, salve, spray (which I use in my hair to help it grow. It works pretty good) and bar of soap this thing on her back popped and she smelled so bad but I guess it was the infection in it coming out. I couldn’t stand the smell so I went to give her a bath and that is when I noticed there was no bump on her back. It will scab over now and then fill a little bit and drain again. I don’t put any salve directly on it as I don’t really want it to close up for fear that it won’t drain in the future. But she had that thing on her back which was about 1-1 1/2 in tall and it is gone. I am a true believer that your product had something to do with helping this thing break open and drain, And so again I have nothing but positive things to say about this product. And Dee Dee and I thank you from the bottoms of our hearts for giving her back her livelihood. She just turned 12 January 1st.”

Thanks again,
Debbie, Mark, and Especially Dee Dee


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Enviromental allergies dogs

Environmental allergies in dogs respond to natural treatment

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Environmental allergies in dogs respond to natural treatment with Dermacton & Ultrasalve – Lilo & Casey sent us their account of 3 weeks of treatment:

Enviromental allergies dogs Environmental allergies dogs

My two year old French Bulldog (Lilo) has an excessive environmental allergy to some various types of grass / weeds…. on top of extreme separation anxiety while in her crate during the day, as I work normal business hours during the week.

As a result, she would consistently scratch herself raw and basically hairless at times. She was absolutely pitiful and resembled an extreme case of mange. I even had her tested multiple times to be sure.

Approximately four weeks ago, I came across your website and read several testimonials before I promptly decided to place an order. My package was delivered Thursday 5/11/17. I started the first application that night and have used the spray twice daily, in addition to spot treating her wounds with the balm at least once daily. I have also given her baths twice weekly with the shampoo bar.

Before I heard about your product, I had tried almost everything with little to no results. She had stopped responding completely to Benadryl and I could tell she just didn’t feel good at all, as expected, based on her condition. Within only a few days of treatment, I noticed a major difference in her skin as well as her overall appearance and mood. She was finally jumping, playing and being that puppy that she was before her condition got out of control!

She still has a ways to go and I plan to look into some additional preventive maintenance with the help of her veterinarian but there are absolutely zero scabs, drainage or crusty bumps on her skin like before. Before the treatment, even the areas of skin that didn’t appear sore or red had an awful texture and would often flake from being so dry.

These pictures do zero justice to how amazing she looks compared to a few weeks ago. I wanted to ensure your company is well aware of my satisfaction with your products and extend my deepest, sincere THANK YOU for helping me get my best friend back.”

environmental allergies in dogs treatment



Casey & Lilo 💜
Lexington NC

Casey purchased and used the following products for Lilo:

Dermacton spray ultrasalve comboDermacton shampoo bar

Environmental allergies in dogs causing terrible skin conditions have responded well to these all natural products, try it them on your dog risk free with a 30 day no quibble money back guarantee. As per Casey’s review you will see relief in your dogs very quickly if this is the solution for your dog, if you do not see any results in 3 weeks just return for a refund. Environmental allergies in dogs feet after being on grass also respond well to a quick wash with the shampoo bar after a walk to rinse and soothe their paws. We have countless customers reviews all with photographs you can see here:

There is no guarantee of specific results and results can vary – we have a 30 day no quibble money back guarantee if you are not 100% satisfied with your dogs response to these products.

Here is another French Bulldog who resolved a terrible skin condition with the same product selection:

Dogs itching scabs bleeding hair loss 2 weeks of treatment results

Dog mange treatment with natural products


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dermacton works

I can’t believe how fast and how good Dermacton works

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Dermacton works “My 8 year old Pittie dog is named Nena (“girl” in Spanish) and she has been suffering from allergies for years. I’ve tried everything under the sun and spent a lot of money going to the Vet and nothing seemed to work. I came upon Dermacton on the Internet and read other peoples testimonials. At first I was very skeptical of what I was reading on Equinat-USA.com – it was really hard to believe. I didn’t have anything to lose so I decided to give it a try. It’s been about two weeks and she looks so much better.

I can’t believe how fast and how good Dermacton worked. I 100% recommend Dermacton to anyone that has a pet with skin problems.”

Daiana Zayas
Seffner, FL

Daiana used Dermacton cream on Nena’s rash

dermacton works


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Treating a Chihuahua Mix Suffering from Allergies and Itching

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“My dog Charlie is a 1 year old chihuahua mix that has allergies to alot of different things including grass, pollen, gluten, and red meats. He is on a raw diet with a homeopathic soap but i needed a moisturizer that also was a natural antibacterial agent, the vet made it worse with their harsh chemical creams.

His skin is just so sensitive sometimes out of no where he will erupt into itching sprees to the point where he itches and bleeds from scratching so hard. It not only makes him miserable but it made me feel like a failure and seeing my baby suffer was intolerable and embarrassing.

After I read a ton of other reviews and outer sources I decided to buy Dermacton. I now recommend Equinat-USA.com to everyone with itchy dogs and hot spot dogs. The first day of use Charlie felt so relieved he fell asleep for the first time in months without waking and scratching.

After two weeks he has made a complete turn around and is getting better by the day. His under areas, paws, eyes, and ears are no longer puffy, sore, and stinky. This has been the only cream to soothe and moisturize while killing the yeast/bacterial issues. The cream also has been promoting hair growth which is amazing.

I tested this product on myself first and I really liked how it felt on my skin. I can say I love how it is not oily and very clean feeling as it absorbs wonderfully into skin and hair. I love the smell and texture and will continue to purchase.

Charlie thanks you so much and I do too!”

Helene Vonzus
Tualatin, OR

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Beagle belly rash treatment 6yrs of skin allergies

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Zebby the beagle gets relief from his itchy belly rash & skin allergies with all natural Dermacton:

Beagle Belly rash

“Wish we had known about the miraculous product sooner!! Our poor boy Zebby has been struggling with skin allergies for the last 6 years. We have tried everything; the food switch, the shampoos, steroids, every antihistamine pill under the sun. Nothing would seem to help him gain relief. Thankfully I stumbled upon Equinat-USA.com and Dermacton by chance. I figured “why not”? Fast forward only two weeks, and the results are dramatic. Even after the first bath using the shampoo bar, Zebby’s skin was already starting to heal. The inflammation and redness had already started to decrease!! You can tell by his face that he really enjoys the treatment.

Thank you Dermacton!”

Beagle belly rash

Brian Hart
Gastonia, NC

Brian used the following products on this sore & itchy beagle belly rash and chose a free thank you Dermacton cream in return for this testimonial:Dermacton creamDermacton shampoo

Beagles are a sturdy working breed of dogs and do NOT appear to be as prone to severe rashes and skin allergies as some other breeds of dogs. Here are a couple more reviews involving beagles and beagle crosses. If you have a beagle belly rash, sore skin, hair loss, hives etc try risk free Dermacton like these happy dogs and owners:

Beagle hives hair loss “I’ll give the product a 5 star rating!”

Beagle Mix with Skin Infection with Hair Loss and Itching

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Boston terrier suffering from allergies

Treating a Boston Terrier Suffering from Allergies

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Boston terrier suffering from allergiesTreating a Boston Terrier suffering from allergies: “Our 9 year-old Boston Terrier, Rip, has suffered from allergies since his whole life. Last year he developed hypothyroidism, which only made his skin problems worse. We have tried Atopica, steroids, antihistamines, prescription dog food, supplements, and other creams and lotions. He will never be 100%, but the Dermacton products (shampoo bar and conditioning spray) have made the biggest difference. I can tell he feels so much better now and his coat is improving every day.”

Thank you!!

Emily Z.
Ames, Iowa


Emily used Petnat Dermacton spray $22.50
and the Dermacton shampoo bar $15.99

She chose a free Dermacton spray rather than a refund in return for her testimonial. So remember to take Before Dermacton photo’s prior to using the product and submit a testimonial!


See more customer reviews by clicking here or begin shopping Boston terrier suffering from allergies

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Chihuahua with Skin Problems Allergies

Chihuahua with Skin Problems and Allergies

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Chihuahua with Skin Problems and Allergies

“This is just my first email – I got the shipment on Thursday around 3pm and took a pic right after her first bath with the soap and first application of the cream… the second pics are JUST three days later… today, Sunday around 10am (Gabbana, 3 year old Chihuahua with blood test proven Allergies to mites, trees, grass, human dander, chicken, rabbit, duck, wheat, turkey, eggs and more… ) AFTER PICS: Notice how the hair around her eyes has grown back in, the hair around her ears has grown back in… her tummy is nice and normal colored… she has her appetite back so she’s a little more healthy looking and less frail… Overall I couldn’t give dermacton a higher rating!!!”

Nikki White
Temple HIlls, MD

“This is just my first email - I got the shipment on Thursday around 3pm and took a pic right after her first bath with the soap and first application of the cream... the second pics are JUST three days later... today, Sunday around 10am (Gabbana, 3 year old Chihuahua with blood test proven Allergies to mites, trees, grass, human dander, chicken, rabbit, duck, wheat, turkey, eggs and more... ) AFTER PICS: Notice how the hair around her eyes has grown back in, the hair around her ears has grown back in... her tummy is nice and normal colored... she has her appetite back so she's a little more healthy looking and less frail... Overall I couldn't give dermacton a higher rating!!!” Nikki White Temple HIlls, MD

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pitbull belly rash

Pitbull red belly rash from Skin Allergies

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Tyson the pitbull suffering from allergies causing a belly rash and hives under his chest and legs:

pitbull belly rash

“So I was at my wits end with my pit bull named Tyson. He is allergic to everything always worse in the spring summer months he does great in fall and winter. I ordered the Dermacton spray and ultrasalve combo and the Dermacton soap. In a week he was looking so much better and now he is almost completely clear. This stuff is amazing it has a like out in the woods kinda of smell but I got over that when I saw it worked.”

April Popovich
Lakelynn, PA

dog belly rash

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Shih Tzu Dog Allergies

Shih Tzu Dog with Allergies: Scratching Itching Biting and Hair Loss

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Shih Tzu Dog Allergies

“I have a 4 year old Shih Tzu named Pebbles that I recently adopted who has terrible allergies. The allergies were causing severe hair loss on her back from constant scratching and biting. We tried so many things to relieve the itch but nothing worked. Finally, I came across Dermacton on a dog blog and figured I would give it a try! I purchased the Dermacton anti itch conditioning spray and after 4 weeks of treatment, the itching decreased and her hair on her back has been growing back beautifully! I am so pleased with the outcome and will continue to show her progress! Thank you!”

Nikki Roth
Merrick, NY

Shih Tzu Dog Allergies