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APBT allergies hair loss

APBT skin problems allergies hair loss – natural effective products

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APBT allergies hair loss

“My 5 year old rescue suffers from a multitude of allergies, soy, wheat, beef, turkey to name a few and life in general. Occasional seasonal break outs but this past winter nothing worked, twice weekly baths and allergy meds, benadryl & zyrtec combined. Finally tried out the dermacton soap bar, lotion and spray. Two  months it fully cleared. Thanks.”

belly rash pit bull dogs


what will help pitbull skin condition

pitbull after Dermacton

“ Her name is Indy, she’s a purebred blue nose APBT. Indy was bred at first heat and dumped with one remaining pup @ the rescue, NY Bully Crew. Due to her recessive genes she has a lot of allergen related issues and prone to bacterial and fungal infections. It’s a side story but I like to tell people that irresponsible breeding is still prevalent. She gets a lot of complements and all are surprised she was thrown away instead of us buying her from someone. The answer to their second question is she’s spade.”

Caoimhe Diu

APBT skin problems

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Dermacton rash treatment

Dog rash treatment review

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This is River my 4 year old pitt mix:

dog rash treatment

we have been battling allergies for years now many trips to the vet much money spent and still no answers we tried everythinggg she has had many sleepless night scratching and crying in pain we started using dermacton cream and shampoo bar and the results we got are truly amazing Rivers skin has been so much better and all her hair that fell out IS GROWING BACKKKK we cannot say enough good things about this duo.

rash on dogs chin treatment

This is my review I have attached pictures just wondering if this will go for my free item when I got my products I got papers saying if there was positive results and you reviewed it you could get a free product because this stuff work I finally got something that works and I’m so happy so a free product would be the cherry on top .”

Dermacton rash treatment

Chantal Boudreau

Chantal purchased the Dermacton cream and Dermacton shampoo bar for River’s her pitbulls belly, chest, armpit and chin rash. She chose a Dermacton Spray as her free product in return for taking time to review and take pictures of her condition.

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boston terrier yeast overgrowth

Boston Terrier Hives rashes yeast overgrowth – natural treatment results

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boston terrier yeast overgrowth

“Labron, is 5 year old Boston terrier. He has had skin problems for the last 4 years. I always have taken him to his veterinarian to be out on steroids, over and over again. I have changed his diet numerous times thinking maybe he was sensitive to some ingredients on his food. Once a week he breaks out terribly and his skin becomes raw and he itches constantly. I give him frequent baths with shampoo I purchased from his vet but it hardly works.

before Dermacton

He has yeast over growth, and a staph infection that creates his irritation and itching. I researched the skin problem and turns out Boston terriers are prone to this kind of infection and skin irritations. I came across Dermacton as I researched what I could do for him. Once I received the Dermacton spray I bathed him and once he was dry I sprayed the  his belly and under his front legs which were always the problem areas. In 4 to 5 days his skin had improved as shown “

Update: I noticed it’s something I should use more frequently because right now he is going through another break out. It really is a wonderful product. 

boston terrier dermacton

Courtney Mclaughlin
Cariobou ME

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Boston terrier skin problems relief natural products

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pitbull scabs dandruff

Pitbull scabs hair loss allergies natural products review

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pitbull scabs allergies

“This is bud I was getting worried that I wouldn’t find something to work that was over the counter. I tried several different shampoos for itching to parasites and nothing seemed to be helping. I started to research products and found the Dermacton seemed to help many other dogs with the same symptoms my bud was going through.

pitbull skin remedy

I started out giving him baths with the Dermacton shampoo bar every other day until I saw improvement and then added a day and so on. I also used the Dermacton cream when he got out I rubbed it on the really dry itchy places and I used the ultrasalve on the sores he had broke open. These products are amazing they work and I will be buying more if I ever need it again.

hair loss pits

Thank you”
kristin Johnson
Decatur, MI

pitbull scabs dandruff

Pitbulls seem to be prone to skin allergies & problems – we have countless reviews from Pit ownersclick here to see more

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Boston terrier skin issues

Boston Terrier skin issues natural relief

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bostons skin issues

“Good afternoon,

I have tried everything, I don’t know how or why it works………..it just does.

My Boston Terrier Thea has been so unhappy for months now. We have tried antibiotics, lotions, creams, betadine, food changes (I feel like I have stock in food brands) and BenadrylNothing worked! It got to the point that she would run from creams, hide from bathes and refuse food.

boston terrier allergies around eyes

She was miserable itching. I saw your product on Facebook and saved the link. I finally decided that I had to try Dermacton. I bought the Dermacton shampoo, the cream and the spray.

boston terrier hot spots

boston hair loss

3-days later a dramatic improvement! The healing was amazing, the smell is amazing and most importantly my Thea is happier. You can actually tell that she is no longer miserable. I give her a bath once a week with the bar and use the cream if needed in between.

Dermacton itchy dog cream

I have started sharing on Facebook with people who are having issues with their pets.

Bostons skin issues

Thanks to Dermacton, we have happy dog and owner.

You can tell by the amount of photos how happy I am.

brown boston terrier

Thank you so much for this great product.”

Dawn Sebert
Butler WI

We couldn’t resist sharing all the photos of Thea & we are so happy they found Dermacton products, all have a 30 day satisfaction guarantee  

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bullies skin problems

Dermacton helps Pits with allergies in Hawaii

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pitbull allergies


My fur son, Brody, is a 5 yrs old American Pitbull. He started to have really bad skin allergies around the age of 2 yrs old. I’ve brought him to the vet countless of times and it felt like the medication he was prescribed by all the vets were just a “bandaid” and the skin issues never seemed to resolve. My boyfriend was the one that came across this company after researching online. I am 100% happy with this product! Brody is no longer taking any medication for his skin and his skin actually healing! He doesn’t itch and all his open cuts are healing!! Brody’s skin is no longer dry and flaky.

pitbull hair loss red skin

His fur on his back isn’t fully grown yet but there some little white patches of fur sprouting lol. All the bumps on his skin is gone. The black fur on his back is a lot fuller and he is definitely not dry anymore. He’s on no medications, all I’m truly using your guys bar soap.

pitbull skin treatment

I also tried the product on my girl, Aolani. I didn’t start her on it until after because the vet gave her this other medicated shampoo and instructed me to finish it off first. This is how she looked before, just really red. The medicated shampoo from the vet didn’t seem to help and once she got off the medication too she would go back to being itchy, it was a never ending issue.. nothing worked from the vet.

pink skin hair loss dog


They were both just so dry, flakey and just red and itchy. They were both on medication and using medicated shampoo from the vet. This bar soap from your guys company really helped decrease the redness and their fur looks so shiny. They are a lot more white as well.

bullies skin problems

I hope these pics helped.”


Ewa Beach

LeishaLynn orignally purchased the Dermacton Spray, Ultrasalve and Dermacton shampoo bar for Brody – she continues to just use the Dermacton shampoo bar for Aolani & Brody.

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pitbull skin rash dermacton

Pitbull skin rash treatment Dermacton

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pitbull skin rash

“This product and along with changing my pitbulls diet has helped a lot it took a few weeks but I can start to see results finally:) it definitely helped accelerate the healing of her bumps and scabs. Before and after photos attached also her pretty face haha this is Luna.”

A Tarbox
Sanford ME

Amber ordered 1 Dermacton Spray & 1 Dermacton shampoo bar for Luna’s skin problems.

All products come with a 30 day no quibble guarantee  

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pitbull skin rash dermacton

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Dermacton cream

Dermacton cream & ultrasalve pitbull review

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Dermacton cream


So here’s my review:

Our poor Rico was having some type of allergy causing him to get a rash on his chest. We tried changing his diet, applying bentonite clay, benadryl spray, oatmeal baths, etc…Nothing worked! Then with all the internet research, I came across Dermacton products.

pitbull rash allergies

Ordered the Ultrasalve ointment in a small jar and the tube of Dermacton cream. We applied it each morning and evening. It actually started clearing up right away and healed our pup! It also left him smelling like he was at a doggie spa! This product is amazing, natural and it works! Thank you Equinat!-USA!!


Tina Krist”

Trina purchased just 1 Dermacton Cream Ultrasalve combo to get these results:

Petnat Dermacton cream combo

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Corgi allergies

Corgi with life long allergies – relief with natural treatment

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Corgi allergies natural treatment

“This stuff works!  We have seen vet after vet and tried treatment after treatment.  Nothing ever really worked.  Maggie has suffered with allergies her whole life, but they have been terrible the last 3 years.  She would constantly bite and itch.  She had hot spots, bald spots, and red inflamed skin.

pic of dog allergies

I came across Dermacton on Pinterest.  The dogs on their site had the same issues Maggie has.  The before and after pictures were amazing, so I knew I had to try it.  To be honest, I wasn’t expecting much because nothing has ever worked.  We were so surprised to see how GREAT these products are!!  These pictures show the difference Dermacton has made in 7 days.  We use the spray once a day.  She went from constantly itching and biting herself to almost never itching.  She’s so relaxed now.  Her skin is looking great already.  I have many friends who have bought Dermacton or plan to because of the difference they’ve seen in Maggie.  If you are debating on getting this, please give it a chance!  It has greatly improved the quality of Maggie’s life.”

Chelsey Fuller
Flint TX

Corgi allergies

Chelsey purchased Dermacton spray lotion, The Dermacton shampoo bar and Ultrasalve for Maggie.

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pit allergies

Pitbull allergies products that work

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pitbull allergies products that work

“Meet my dog Piggy He is an six year old pit bull. He has HORRIBLE allergies and is allergic to EVERYTHING! We have spent so much $ on different products to try and help his skin and nothing worked until I found Equinat. I ordered the Dermacton shampoo bar and Dermacton cream. I figured hey what do we have to lose.

pibtull skin redness

Within a week we could see a slight improvement. I gave him a bath using the bar soap twice a week and applying the cream after his bath. Within two weeks his fur started to grow back. And his mood started to improve because he wasn’t so itchy. This is him a month later. All his fur is back and he looks normal again. Thank you SO much! 

pitbull skin problems treatment

Heather & Piggy”
Phoenix AZ

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piggy healing