Sterile Idiopathic Panniculitis – dog gets some natural relief

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Sterile Idiopathic Panniculitis dog

Sterile Idiopathic Panniculitis – dog gets some natural relief

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Sterile Idiopathic Panniculitis РMolly gets some natural relief

Sterile Idiopathic Panniculitis

Carla first wrote to us about Molly, after she received her order regarding skin condition Sterile Idiopathic Panniculitis:

“Your product is absolutely AMAZING. My Maltese, Molly, was about to get put to sleep because thousands of dollars and multiple treatments could not save her…..but just ONE treatment and I started to see improvement.

I will send you some pictures when I am further into her treatments as unfortunately, her condition will need to get worse before it gets better. She is nearly completely bald right now, but only because all that was on her poor little body was scabs and dried blood, infected sores, etc. This product allowed me to get those ugly sores off her, exposing her skin for the first time in a LONG, LONG, time.

She is running around and playful and hasn’t done that in years. Now that her natural skin is exposed, we can start conditioning it to allow it to grow hair again. I am so hopeful that Dermacton is going to do this for her. I will definitely send pictures when I can show how wonderful it works! I just wanted you know how amazing it really is.

I wish I could be a reseller of your product as it is unbelievable! Thank you for saving Molly’s life!!!”

Carla wrote an update and sent us photos of Molly in April 2012: I wanted to share with you the photos of the results we are having from your product! We ordered cream and spray, but would have to say the cream works the best for Molly! We will never be able to cure her of her condition, but we at least are now able to make her more comfortable and less irritated, all because of this wonderful product, Dermacton. The improvement has been so drastic as you will see from the photos. Thank you for making such a difference for Molly, and for us! Your product is absolutely remarkable! We were told Molly has Sterile Idiopathic Panniculitis. We can’t seem to stop the rough patches from forming, but at least with Dermacton, we can get the area clean once again and allow hair to grow.

Thank you for offering such a wonderful product!

Carla Karstens
New Ulm, MN

See the updated photo below of Molly without her sweater!

Sterile Idiopathic Panniculitis

While she will continue to be treated with Dermacton to control her Sterile¬†Idiopathic Panniculitis, the quality of Molly’s life has drastically improved.

Carla felt the Dermacton cream at $21.50 was the most effective for Molly

Dermacton cream

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