Springer Spaniel with Dry, Scabby Skin Patches on his Back

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Springer Spaniel with Dry, Scabby Skin Patches on his Back

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This is Cooper, a 9 year old Springer Spaniel who has never had skin issues, but for the last two years has dry scabby skin patches down his back, when trying to remove them by brushing his hair would fall out.

I had him to the vet several times who gave me medicated shampoo to use and if this didn’t work they would put him on cortisone. I didn’t want to put him on cortisone because he is already taking prednisone for a joint condition. The shampoo didn’t work. After trying different remedies that were guarantee to work which didn’t I decided to search the internet and found Dermacton.

No one was more skeptical then I was that Dermacton would work. I have been using the spray for two weeks and the change in my dog’s condition is amazing. The patches where the dry skin was, the hair is growing back and the dry patches are gone. I continue to use the spray once a day.

I have attached a pictures before using Dermacton and two weeks after.

Dermacton is amazing and I would recommend it to anyone!!!Cathy Fonda
Wallingford, Ct.

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