Skin Healing Dermacton – Bar

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Skin Healing Dermacton – Bar

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My story starts out as so many on this site. The feeling of hopelessness and frustration that comes from watching your pet suffer, is one that is consistent with each testimonial I’ve read. With that said this is the story of Baar. Baar is our 3 1/2 year old German Shepherd, her problems started when she was just under a year old.

First there were the constant ear infections, which brought us to the Vet for some antibiotics, and ear drops. Next was the diarrhea as a result of the antibiotics, and another visit to the Vet. In the beginning, I believed after the medicines she would be fine, only to find that not long after the prescription was finished, the ear infection would return even worst than the time before. I decided to change her diet, as I wondered if she was experiencing this due to food allergies. Not long after trying her with new foods, her skin started to have out breaks of sores that itched and of course she licked and scratched until they became raw and bled. This led us back to the Vet who gave us a low dose antihistamine, with steroid. Her skin healed beautifully. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the happy ending to this story, just the beginning of a constant search for something that would help my poor dog from suffering. You see I knew from much research I’d been doing on this subject, that I had to get her off this prescription, and try and find the reason for her discomfort, so she would be truly healed. I knew if she stayed on this medicine for any length of time, I was setting her up for much more serious health problems than itchy skin. So I stopped the meds, and just as I expected, the skin became itchy, the ears became red and oozing.

I continued with food trials, and each time found she was allergic to more and more things. I kept a comfort cone on her neck to keep her from the constant licking under her arm pits, unfortunately it didn’t help with all of her parts because of her very long nose. Back to the vet after some time of bad results from the food trials. Let me say, the reason for continuing the food trials was because my vet was convinced it was a food allergy also. Special shampoos, cortisone conditioners, herbs and supplements (my vet pratices Chinese Medicine). The results were nothing to mention. Still itching, and licking, and biting.

I installed expensive air purifiers, as I started to look at the fact that maybe she had a dust mite allergy. Still no relief. I installed filters on my shower heads, as I have well water, and wondered if the heavy metals in the water was causing this problem. At this time I was bathing her two times a week to give her some relief, and though I know this can really dry out her skin, if I didn’t bathe her by the 3rd day she would bite and itch almost non stop. I gave up on the herbs, as after a couple of months it was clear to me this wasn’t helping either. Okay, so I started giving her Benadryl for weeks at a time. It would make her sleepy, not better. But at least while she slept, she wasn’t being tormented with this terrible itching.

I went back to the vet because she started limping. While there he tested her for a tick borne disease and the results came back positive. Another round of antibiotics for 3 weeks. I do give Baar top of the line vitamin supplements, and also probiotics for her digestion. While all this was going on for maybe a couple of months, I would search on the internet for something else I could try on her. Many times I came across the equinat site and read some testimonies, and then go on to something else. Did I want to try something else that promised her skin would heal, and then just be disappointed again? Finally, I figured, at this point what have I got to lose.

I ordered the Dermacton spray, shampoo and cream, and started to use it. First on her sides, and also the tops of her feet. She stopped biting her side and feet after a few times and then within around 2 weeks the hair was almost totally restored. She then broke out with a oozing yeast infection under her neck, and I contacted the company to see if this product would be strong enough for a yeast or even staph infection on my dog. I received a response the very next day and started treating her neck, using the spray 3 times a day. Within one week the oozing stopped. Her face broke out because of the tick bite, and she scratched it raw, I treated it for two weeks and she totally healed. This product has helped me in so many situations as you can see. I use the Dermacton shampoo bar for her baths, (which smells really nice). I use the spray for furry spots, and I use the salve for her elbows which are dry and missing hair. The results are in the photos. We found some relief!

Baar still has trouble with mold which is very high where we live due to warm temperatures, and many fallen wet leaves, but at least I know when she has a skin issue, I can just go in her little medicine cabinet and pull out some relief! Many heartfelt thanks to the company who created this wonderful natural product. The people and staff that represent this wonderful company have been extremely helpful, patient and compassionate, concerning every issue I had to speak with them about. So, this is Baar’s story, I hope it helps someone who feels hopeless and frustrated. Know there is some help out there. Try Dermacton.

Debbie Avondet
Mattituck, NY

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