Equine ULTRASALVE natural First Aid wound care for horses 90g


Encourages natural wound healing from the inside out. Helps reduce scarring. Provides a natural barrier against bacteria and flies. Encourages rapid hair regrowth. Quick, easy & pleasant to apply – apply once or twice daily to the affected area. May be used with or without a dressing, although a dressing is not usually required. Easy to use.

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Equine Ultrasalve First aid wound care for horses – all natural product. Equinat Ultrasalve is the ultimate  multipurpose first-aid ointment for horses – Antibacterial & Antfungal for the fastest results possible. Also helps to prevent proud flesh building, reduce scarring and conditions the skin.

A wound has been shown to heal more effectively if it is kept moist, and not allowed to dry out. Ultrasalve works by providing an environment which encourages natural healing, from the inside out, with minimal scarring.

You’ll be amazed how quickly natural equinat ULTRASALVE promotes healing and fights infection.

All natural Ultrasalve is an amazing first aid ointment which soothes and aids the natural healing process of all cuts, abrasions and minor wounds. Ultrasalve is Equinat’s  best wound product for particularly difficult to heal problems or for using on lower leg injuries where the risk of product flesh forming is higher.

Great for all types of horses cuts, abrasions & minor wounds, including old and hard to heal wounds – fantastic natural product to have ready in your tack box for those inevitable scrapes and wounds. You will be amazed that an all natural first aid wound care product can be so effective for your horse – 100% satisfaction guarantee.

The benefits of equinat ULTRASALVE

  • Entirely Natural, and safe for your horse
  • *** Encourages natural wound healing from the inside out
  • Helps reduce scarring, and prevent Proud Flesh
  • *** Encourages rapid hair regrowth
  • Rapid results
  • *** Deters Flies
  • Quick, easy & pleasant to apply
  • May be used with or without a dressing, although a dressing
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • see the product instruction sheet

Directions for Use

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Ultrasalve for Dogs
Ultrasalve for Horses

You can’t lose! The manufacturers guarantee

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