Aromaitch Equine SWEET ITCH / Fly Bite Irritations cream 200g


AROMAITCH Highly Effective natural treatment for Equine Sweet itch / Fly Bites in horses, that STOPS itching and rubbing FAST – Guaranteed to work or your money back.

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AROMAITCH for horses – Highly Effective Gentle  Soothing natural treatment for Equine Sweet itch / Fly Bites in horses, that STOPS itching and rubbing FAST – Guaranteed to work or your money back.

The benefits of AROMAITCH

  • 100% Natural and safe for your horse.
  • Safe to use on sore skin and open wounds .
  • Soothes irritated skin, and promotes natural healing.
  • Rapid results – stops itching, scratching and rubbing.
  • Repels flies.
  • Contains NO citronella oil.
  • Encourages hair regrowth.
  • Easy to use: Apply once or twice daily to the affected area


Quick, easy & pleasant to apply. *** Rapidly Stops itching and rubbing. Safe to use on open sore skin. Soothes irritated skin, and promotes natural healing. Repels flies. Encourages hair regrowth. Promotes the natural healing process

Aromaitch contains herbal extracts and essential oils in a high quality cream, to relieve fly bites & sores caused by rubbing. It is entirely natural, smells great and doesn’t contain any steroids. Please note this product may not be suitable for horses competing under some regulations, as it contains essential oils including lavender oil.

As some horses are sensitive to citronella oil, this product does not contain citronella oil. Many horses find the smell of Citronella offensive, horses in general seem to be soft and willing to have this gentle soothing product applied, especially after the first application when they have experienced relief from the product. Aromaitch is recommended for applying to all sore areas and bald patches.

Formulated with a proprietary blend of  pure essential oils & herbal extracts. The combination of which is specifically formulated to soothe irritated skin and relieve the itching and… it effectively repels flies while it works!

AROMAITCH is safe and gentle enough to use on open sores and, it encourages natural healing and promotes rapid hair regrowth.

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Directions for Use

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You can’t lose! The manufacturers guarantee

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