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DERMACTON CREAM, ALL natural skin conditioning treatment for all skin irritations and itchy dogs. Quickly calms itchy irritated skin and stops dogs itching, licking and scratching 100% ALL Natural ingredients. Extremely Effective in relieving the itching, scratching & rashes commonly associated with canine skin problems such as dermatitis, irritation from allergies, mites and fleas, as well as other breed specific ongoing canine skin problems. We are the ONLY USA store carrying Dermacton natural dog products imported from England.

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The benefits of PetNat DERMACTON® cream for dogs

  • 100% Natural, extremely effective and safe for your dog without side effects.
  • No petroleum jelly based fillers. No potentially harmful steroids.
  • Painless and Gentle on your dogs skin. Rapid results.
  • *** Soothes sores and irritated areas, relieves itching and licking.
  • *** Encourages the natural healing process and promotes natural hair regrowth for your dog.
  • Easy, Pleasant to use. Gently rub in a small amount of cream or spray on the affected areas once or twice a day, as necessary.
  • No bathing required, but if you do bathe we recommend you use the Dermacton Shampoo bar that assists either the cream or the spray.

Dermacton cream is a high quality cream with shea butter and beeswax with a proprietary blend of over 13 pure essential oils and herbal extracts. It is free of any petroleum ingredients. It is light and highly nourishing and also easily absorbable into your dogs’ skin. All the ingredients are human quality, and the soothing blend of high quality therapeutic essential oils & herbal extracts, quickly works on your dogs damaged, irritated and itchy skin.

These 100% natural Dermacton products have helped thousands of dogs world wide & are sold with a no quibble 30 day money back guarantee.

*** These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Which Dermacton Product? Both the Dermacton cream and Dermacton spray contain the same Dermacton formula, and both work as well as each other. Whilst some of it is personal preference, we generally recommend the Dermacton cream when there is hair loss or thickened skin or for small isolated areas, and the Dermacton spray when there is more coat or to cover larger areas.
No bathing required but if you do bathe your Dog we highly recommend the Dermacton Shampoo bar to assist the cream. Dermacton shampoo will work as a system with the cream or the spray and nourish the skin even at bath time. Unlike many dog shampoos which will dry out the dogs skin and cause further itching.

Imported from the UK for sale directly to the end user in the USA. *** Rapidly stops itching and calms red irritated, scratchy skin and abrasions. Quick, Easy & Pleasant to use – won’t stress the animal you love. Gently rub in a small amount of cream 1 to 2 times a day, as necessary.



Directions for Use

Dermacton Cream & Spray
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You can’t lose! The manufacturers guarantee

If you don't believe this product has helped your horse or dog, just send back the unused portion within 30 days of receiving it – and once we receive it back – we'll issue you a refund on the retail product price minus the shipping and handling cost.

– we shouldn’t have to say it but… completely empty jars or bottles will not be eligible for a refund.