DERMACTON SHAMPOO BAR soothing formula for dogs


Dermacton shampoo contains the same successful formula of essential oils as the Dermacton cream and spray, to help soothe itchy skin irritations on dogs. It is the best selling Dermacton product worldwide.

The Dermacton shampoo is a high quality four in one products, which cleans the coat, conditions the hair & skin, has * antifungal properties and soothes itching and irritation. It is not just an ordinary shampoo, it has been specially developed to provide relief for dogs with itchy irritated skin, and it contains the same essential oil formula as our highly acclaimed existing Dermacton itch-relief products, with a slight twist of oils to leave your dog smelling lovely and fresh. It also contains many other natural herbal extracts which will help calm your dogs irritated itchy skin.

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The Dermacton Shampoo Bar is a great addition to the cream and spray and makes a complete system for your dogs’ skin care. Nourishing and conditioning the skin even at bathtime. Do not undo the care you are giving your dogs skin with harsh detergent shampoos. This premium shampoo has been developed as part of the advanced Dermacton system to stop itching in dogs with skin irritations. This shampoo contains the soothing Dermacton formula, and is mild enough to effectively bath dogs with sensitive skin without the need for harsh chemicals, it leaves the coat and skin moisturized and silky smooth.

The ingredients are all naturally derived, and the shampoo is both soap and SLS, SLES free. We have taken great care to source the gentlest ingredients whilst maintaining the highest performance. Without harsh detergents or chemical sudsing agents, the Dermacton Shampoo Bar naturally produces luxurious lather.

It is also suitable for dogs with extremely sensitive skin or dog owners who simply want to use a more natural shampoo on their dog without harsh detergents and preservatives. The Dermacton shampoo bar is the best selling Dermacton product world wide and our customers rave about it. Though if your dog has a severe skin problem we do recommend you pair it with either the Dermacton cream or the spray for the most effective results.  Many customers use the shampoo to maintain their dogs skin after the cream or the spray has dealt with the main problem and with regular Dermacton bathes the original problem does not return.

Whether you are new to the Dermacton range or, if you have been enjoying using our products already, we are sure you’ll be delighted with our fantastic Dermacton Shampoo Bar.


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