Save $2 by ordering Dermacton cream and Petnat Ultrasalve together. The ideal doggy skin care combo pack.

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Ultrasalve is a product that once you have used it you wonder how you ever managed without it. Apply Ultrasalve ointment directly on cuts, bites, sore paws, lick wounds, hot spots, wounds, scrapes, abrasions, etc. Keep it on hand for your dogs potential mishaps. By buying the Dermacton cream and Ultrasalve together you save $1 per item off the individual price and have natural soothing products for inflamed skin & the wounds & hotspots some dogs create constantly licking, chewing and itching already irritated skin.

Directions for Use

Dermacton Cream & Spray
Dog Nose Job
Hot to Trot
Dermacton Shampoo Bar
Ultrasalve for Dogs
Ultrasalve for Horses

You can’t lose! The manufacturers guarantee

If you don't believe this product has helped your horse or dog, just send back the unused portion within 30 days of receiving it – and once we receive it back – we'll issue you a refund on the retail product price minus the shipping and handling cost.

– we shouldn’t have to say it but… completely empty jars or bottles will not be eligible for a refund.