Shih Tzu Itching, Scratching & Losing Fur

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shih tzu itching losing hair

Shih Tzu Itching, Scratching & Losing Fur

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Shih Tzu itching losing hair:

“Three months ago I was at my wits end. Wicket was itching; scratching and worse – lost all his fur on both back legs. He was starting to lose the fur on his front legs. I came across Dermacton by chance while researching this condition & trolling thru Pinterest to see if anyone had had this problem. Thank goodness, I found you I immediately purchased the Dermacton bar soap, spray and cream. It took one more purchase of Dermacton spray & cream, but his fur is growing back. I just needed to write to let you know how incredible I believe your product is and that I will be purchasing again in the very near future.”

shih tzu itching losing hair

Deb Mock
Irving, TX

shih tzu itching losing hair

Shih Tzu itching losing hair, thickened skin appears to be a common breed problem. Dermacton has helped many Shih Tzu’s and Shih Tzu crosses overcome skin problems safely and effectively.

Deb used the following products to recover Wickets hair and soothe his inflamed skin:

Dermacton SprayDermacton creamDermacton shampoo bar

Shih Tzu suffered daily with extreme itching for 2.5 years

Shih Tzu Dog hair loss recovery

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