Dog with itchy Black Skin on his Belly

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Dog with itchy Black Skin on his Belly

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dog itchy black skin Many dogs develop itchy thick black skin due to allergens and other skin problems ( known as black skin disease / BSD), natural Dermacton products have successfully treated these symptoms in many dog breeds. While it seems to be most common with west highland white terriers & Pomeranians РCalvin the Shiba Inu dog was also struggling with the condition until his owner found Dermacton:


“My Shiba Inu had recently developed this thick black skin all over his belly region. It apparently was irritating to him as he was constantly licking and gnawing at the region so much that it would wake me up in the night. I researched the symptoms he was having and came across Dermacton. I was hesitant at first and mulled over deciding to buy it and test it for a few days. The testimonials and photos are what really swayed me and I am so so so happy that they did because it has been one week since we have started uses the anti-itch conditioning spray and I can see such a huge difference in his skin and his behaviors (itching and scratching) and he even just looks fluffier and happier. Dermacton has made my pride and joy so much better in a short amount of time and in turn has given me peace of mind about his skin issue. It’s better every single day. Thank you so much for creating this product. Sincerely,”

Courtney Nyman
Kansas City, MO

Note: the first picture I added is of the day I began treatment the second photo I added with the lighter skin is today after 6 days of treatment. His name is Calvin.


Courtney purchased & used the following products for Calvin & chose a follow up free Dermacton spray in return for her testimonial:

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