Shar Pei skin problems natural treatment

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Shar Pei skin problems

Shar Pei skin problems natural treatment

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Shar Pei skin problems treated cost effectively with gentle natural Dermacton products:

Shar Pei Skin problems

Shar Pei skin problems

“My Shar Pei has been thru a lot of tests at the vet’s to find out why she is scratching and chewing on herself, I’ve been told that the Shar Pei’ breed have a lot of skin problems. I’ve changed food and nothing has worked, the vet has given her med’s and everything is good until the medication runs out. I seen your ad on another breeders web site while checking the internet for the scratching problem. After reading the testimonials and seeing the pictures I hoped it would do the same thing on Mugs. Between using the Dermacton Shampoo Bar and Dermacton cream Mugs hair has come back and I know she is feeling a lot better. Attach are pictures of Mugs. She was bathed once a week with the Dermacton Shampoo Bar, but after the first bath and the use of the cream you could tell that the scratching had slowed down a lot . We’ve used the cream every day and one bath per week since we received your products. The pictures prove everything.

Thanks alot and Mugs thanks you too”

Shar Pei skin problems

Ron Hlad
Schererville, Indiana

Ron used the following 2 products on Mugs $21.50 & $15.99 + shipping, with a money back guarantee what do you have to lose?

Dermacton creamDermacton shampoo

Shar Pei Hair loss itchy skin

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