Shar Pei Hair loss itchy skin

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shar pei hair loss

Shar Pei Hair loss itchy skin

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Shar pei hair loss treatment with all natural Dermacton:

Shar pei hair loss, itchy skin seems to be a common problem in this beautiful breed – fortunately natural Dermacton products have helped Shar pei’s recover without resorting to steroids.

Shar pei Hair Loss


“LiLi, our sweet Shar-Pei suffers with itchy skin. We can’t test her for allergies until she is a year, but in the meantime we’ve been trying to manage her itchiness. She’s had several hot spots and then developed bald spots on her back and sides. I freaked out and while searching online stumbled across this product. Hoping it would work like it did for all of the other dogs, I quickly ordered.

Within 3 weeks of applying the cream twice a day her hair grew back! We will always keep Dermacton in stock. Next time we are going to try the spray. Thank you for a fantastic product!

I’ve attached a cute pic, 2 before and 1 after pics.

Thank you!”

Amy McDuffie-Blackett
Springfield, VA

shar pei hair loss

Amy has used the following products on Lili and chose a Dermacton Spray as her free product, rather than a refund for her testimonial.

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