Severe Skin Allergies Relieved

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Pitbull severe skin allergies

Severe Skin Allergies Relieved

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pitbull skin allergies


“Our 7 year old American Bulldog/Pit mix “Moo” has been suffering with severe skin allergies for a couple of years. s He has been taking 4 very large capsules of Cephalexin daily and 3 TRIAMCINOLONES a day for over a year now with very little relief. The only thing that seemed to work is a cortisone shot that only lasts a few weeks!

Moo was scratching continuously… his skin stayed swollen, red (sometimes even bleeding), scaly and a he had a terrible smell! After using your product Dermacton anti itch conditioning spray not only did it relieve his itching but it takes away his horrible smell.

The Dermacton shampoo bar is amazing and doesn’t irritate his skin like the prescribed medicated shampoo. I was worried when I first saw the size of the spray because I have a 100 pound dog and thought it would only last a couple days…but surprisingly the mist covers a large area (however, I do wish it was offered in a larger bottle).

As you can see in the photos Moo is a much happier dog…swelling, redness and smell are so much better after only 3 weeks!”

Alie Barba
Hampton, VA

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severe skin allergies

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boston terrier yeast overgrowth

“Labron, is 5 year old Boston terrier. He has had skin problems for the last 4 years. I always have taken him to his veterinarian to be out on steroids, over and over again. I have changed his diet numerous times thinking maybe he was sensitive to some ingredients on his food. Once a week he breaks out terribly and his skin becomes raw and he itches constantly. I give him frequent baths with shampoo I purchased from his vet but it hardly works.

He has yeast over growth, and a staph infection that creates his irritation and itching. I researched the skin problem and turns out Boston terriers are prone to this kind of infection and skin irritations. I came across Dermacton as I researched what I could do for him. Once I received the Dermacton spray I bathed him and once he was dry I sprayed the  his belly and under his front legs which were always the problem areas. In 4 to 5 days his skin had improved as shown “

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Dermacton cream

“Our poor Rico was having some type of allergy causing him to get a rash on his chestWe tried changing his diet, applying bentonite clay, benadryl spray, oatmeal baths, etc…Nothing worked! Then with all the internet research, I came across Dermacton products.”

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