Severe Scratches Treatment- Sami

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Sami loves aromaheel

Severe Scratches Treatment- Sami

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“Sami developed scratches in late fall.  I tried EVERYTHING, including betadine scrubs, diaper rash creams, charcoal concoctions, even a well-advertised product I had seen circulating on social media.  None of these treatments helped with Sami’s scabs, swelling, and discomfort.  I was recommended AROMAHEEL by a fellow horsewoman, and desperate, I ordered AROMAHEEL that same evening.   The AROMAHEEL arrived within 2 days and I was pleasantly surprised by the scent and consistency of the product.  I applied AROMAHEEL according to the detailed instructions included in the package and within 1 day the stubborn scabs began falling away.  Sami had no discomfort with the application process and has stood perfectly for every application since.  2 weeks later and his scratches are all but completely gone.  Furthermore, his swelling and pain has significantly improved.  I would highly recommend this product to anyone struggling with scratches or living in areas where there is a potential to develop scratches.  AROMAHEEL smells lovely, is easy to apply, uses natural ingredients, ships incredibly fast, and it WORKS!”

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Mindy K
Stevensville MI

Sami loves aromaheel

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