Scratches and Cellulitis – Redhead

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Scratches and Cellulitis – Redhead

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Unfortunately, I never took photos of this mare when I took her back over 13 months ago. Apparently she has had scratches and cellulitis for the last 10 years or so.

When she was dropped off at the farm, the owner couldn’t remember when she last had a bath. The 25 year old mare was skinny, full of manure and urine. Her hair was falling out, she was lame in a left front with a hole that extended all the way up the front of her left hoof between the white line and the hoof wall. Her hind legs were blown up to the hocks with cellulitis and she had the worse case of scratches that I have ever seen in my 50 years of being a professional in the horse business.

I had been given a remedy for scratches from another trainer a few years back that had 5-6 ingredients in it (cost about $50 for all of the ingredients) but it really worked in a couple of days on a new horse that I had been working on for about 2 months, trying to clear his scratches.

The vet pulled a blood sample and said that her immune system was severely compromised. We gave her a gallon of meds (well over $100) for 4 months to try to rebuild her immune system. After a year of working with the mare, the vet said that her skin may just not be able to fight it off anymore and she might not ever clear up from it.

I had clipped her legs the best that I could and started with this $50 “concoction” on the mare and have redone it innumerable times over the past year, along with any number of other remedies that the vets have suggested and any other suggestion that any other horsemen came up with and NOTHING WORKED. (When I was doing my accounting for the year, it seemed like every other vet bill was for “scratches” plus the myriad of concoctions!)

The last thing I had tried was honey, which the vets suggested. That actually helped a lot but it also irritated her skin, which is what I was trying to clear up….then I heard about Aromaheel.

The scratches started above the ankles and covered both of her ankles, pasterns and coronary bands on her hind legs. The coronary bands were the worst to deal with. When she came in it actually looked like the barnacles that one would see on the underside of a dock in salt water.. They were huge (protruded more than 1/4″) and they would not come off.

On more than one occasion, I spent an hour and a half trying to wash her hind legs with warm water and Dawn dish washing liquid (which actually does help some) and softly rub the scabs with the suds to try to get them to soften and fall off. Then I would towel dry, then take a hairdryer and dry her legs from the hocks down. Then I would use the “medicine of the day” and bandage them from the sole of the foot up to the hocks.

I could not turn her out in the 2 big 6 acre grass fields because she had to go through a stream to get to the better grass and I didn’t want the leg to get wet. So she took a while to gain her weight back.

When I took the photos, the honey had helped some but the coronary bands would just not stay healed and the rest of the spots just kept recurring. The problem was that no matter what I did, they just kept coming back.

I used a whole jar of the Aromaheel, but I was covering a huge area from above the pasterns down over the coronary bands. In less than a week, I could feel the scabs start rubbing off of her coronary bands. Originally they started at the heel and went all the way around the quarters of the hoof. The photos do not do the situation justice, but the fact is that they were never healed before and kept growing back.

Currently they seem to all have disappeared around the coronary and the skin seems to be actually healing. The nice thing about Aromaheel is that you do not have to bandage, which was very time consuming for over a year and very costly. Plus she was now allowed to go out in the bigger better grass fields so she could gain some weight since I could let her legs get wet with the Aromaheel on. I still have to work on some big hard scabs that look more like scars at this point, but I wanted to concentrate on the coronary bands because they were the hardest to heal. And I do believe that the scars will eventually disappear also.

The mare was very patient during all of this doctoring, but on occasion I could tell that the treatments were not comfortable for her. With Aromaheel, she actually seemed to like my rubbing it on.

I had another horse come in with some tiny spots of random “funk” on his belly and his legs. I took a very small amount of Aromaheel and tried it on him and within about 3 days, it was all clearing up…even the spot that he gets under his stomach every summer from kicking at flies.

I actually had questioned the company about the return policy because I truly did not expect the product to work any better than the 9 gazillion others that I have tried over the 13+ months that I have tried to heal this mare.

I am still working on healing the hole in the hoof wall. It is close to growing out but has taken it’s time even with meds for that, but I will say that she seems sound now and runs and plays with the others in the field, even throwing a few big bucks in, at 26 years old now.

I will be telling one of my vets about Aromaheel tomorrow morning. They are both very open minded and willing to try new things to help their clients and they both know all that I have been through trying to clear up this situation.

I would highly recommend Aromaheel for scratches.

Many thanks for a great product!

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Woodstown, NJ

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