Results with Dermacton in ONE WEEK!

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Results with Dermacton in ONE WEEK!

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Mishka’s Malady – Before & After

Mishka had lots of scratching/bleeding around his neck and on top of his head. I took him to the vet and they said fly bites, and gave me some spray to spray on him once every day. Didn’t change anything.The bleeding got pretty gross, so I searched online and came across your website and looked at all the before and after pictures and read the testimonials and tried some. First I used the cream and after one day the redness around his neck and under his ear (as shown in the picture) had calmed down.After a week of application – only once a day, and even skipping one day, his hair is growing back and the bumps on the top of his head are gone and he is looking so much nicer! I have spread the word to a few friends and I think they are going to try it on their dog! The pictures are one week apart.
I only wish I had taken more “before” pictures of his neck spots, which are now gone and the bumps and sores on the top of his head, which are also now gone.

Cecelia Bryan
St. Marys, KS

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